ScalaFX: Problems with Tables abound

Doing a lot with all kinds of tables in ScalaFX, I stumbled upon a bug in ScalaFX that, with the help of the bug report, I was able to circumvent. It is a subtle bug where types are mixed between scalafx.SOMETHING and the corresponding javafx.SOMETHING. In one of the answers it is stated that: The issue is with implicit conversion […]

Debian/TeX Live 2017.20171031-1

Halloween is here, time to upload a new set of scary packages of TeX Live. About a month has passed, so there is the usual big stream up updates. There was actually an intermediate release to get out some urgent fixes, but I never reported the news here. So here are the accumulated changes and updates. My favorite this time […]

Analysing Debian packages with Neo4j

I just finished the presentation at the Neo4j Online Meetup on getting the Debian UDD into a Neo4j graph database. Besides the usual technical quibbles it did work out quite well. The code for pulling the data from the UDD, as well as converting and importing it into Neo4j is available on Github Debian-Graph. The slides are also available on […]

Japanese TeX User Meeting 2017

Last saturday the Japanese TeX User Meeting took place in Fujisawa, Kanagawa. For those who have been at the TUG 2013 in Tokyo you will remember that the Japanese TeX community is quite big and vibrant. On Saturday about 50 users and developers gathered for a set of talks on a variety of topics. The first talk was by Keiichiro […]

Fixing vim in Debian

I was wondering for quite some time why on my server vim behaves so stupid with respect to the mouse: Jumping around, copy and paste wasn’t possible the usual way. All this despite having set mouse= set mouse= in my /etc/vim/vimrc.local. Finally I found out why, thanks to bug #864074 and fixed it. The whole mess comes from the fact […]

ScalaFX: ListView with CellFactory

I had a bit hard time to get ScalaFX to display a list of items in a scrollable space, and each item can be clicked. I use this in TLCockpit to display the list of documentation files in a TeX Live package, and open it directly from the application. Unfortunately there is not a huge amount of examples using ScalaFX […]

Scala: parse JSON into nested case classes

I was playing around with parsing JSON in Scala, and got spray-json as recommendation from my Senpai. My aim was parsing some nested structure like: { "key1" : "value1", "key2" : { "subkey1" : "subval1", "subkey2" : "subval2" } }{ "key1" : "value1", "key2" : { "subkey1" : "subval1", "subkey2" : "subval2" } } into a nested Scala case class: […]

Einstein and Freud’s letters on “Why War?” – 85th anniversary

85 years ago, on 30 July 1932, Albert Einstein send a letter to Sigmund Freud discussing the question: Why War? Freud answered to this letter in early September 1932. To commemorate the 85 year anniversary, the German typographer Harald Geisler has started a project on Kickstarter to recreate the letters send back then. Over the last weeks the two letters […]

Debian/TeX Live 2017.20170926-1

A full month or more has past since the last upload of TeX Live, so it was high time to prepare a new package. Nothing spectacular here I have to say, two small bugs fixed and the usual long list of updates and new packages. From the new packages I found fontloader-luaotfload and interesting project. Loading fonts via lua code […]

クライミング 明星山の直上ルート

もう三ヶ月前に大久しぶりにマルチピッチクライミングに行った。友人に誘われて、三人で新潟県の明星山の直上ルートを登った。石灰岩のあまりない環境でいつも明星山をたのしみにしてるけど、やっぱりちょっともろい石灰岩もありますよね。基本的にいいルートだけど、部分的にもろい岩で結構やばい感じした。何年間もここに登ってるのに、まだ慣れていないね。 (Short English summary: Climbing the Chokujo (direct) route on Myoji in Niigata. Not the best route on the face, but still not bad. Some loose passages, and in the upper parts a bit unclear route line.)

Gaming: The Long Dark – Wintermute Episode 1

One month ago the Story Mode for The Long Dark has been released. Finally I managed to finish the first of the two chapters, and it was worth the wait. I have played many ours in the Sandbox mode, but while the first days in story mode are like hand-holding kids, on the fifth day you are kicked into a […]

Debian packages as Graph Database

I have been playing around with Neo4j as graph database, and searching for a big dataset I decided to look at Debian packages (source and binary) from stable, testing, sid, and experimental, and represent all of that in a big graph database. While this is far from ready, the following entities and relations a represented: source packages, unversioned and versioned […]