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Gaming: The Witness

As mentioned in my last Gaming blog post on Rise of the Tomb Raider, I decided to go for a “brain muscle training” game next, The Witness, a game full of maniac riddles, and...


Gaming: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Over the last weekend I have finally finished The Rise of the Tomb Raider. As I wrote exactly 4 month ago when I started the game, I am a complete newby to these kind...


Microsoft’s failed attempt on Debian packaging

Just recently Microsoft Open R 3.5 was announced, as an open source implementation of R with some improvements. Binaries are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I dared to download and play around with...


Disappointing visitors

I recently realized that one of my blog post on Writing Japanese in LaTeX gets a disproportionate number of visitors. It turned out that most of them are not really interested in LaTeX, but...


Gaming: The Long Dark

I normally don’t play survival games or walking simulators, but The Long Dark by Hinterland Games, which I purchased back then when it was still in early access on Steam, took me into new...


Making fun of Trump – thanks France

I mean, it is easy to make fun of Trump, he is just too stupid and incapable and uneducated. But what the French president Emmanuel Macron did on Bastille Day, in presence of the...


My unconscious bias

Here is my unconscious bias, probably only one of it, though. Thanks to ANTIFA on Facebook. emailPrintFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinFlattr


SJW attitude in science

Recently, Eric Raymond, famous for is “The Cathedral and the Bazaar“, stepped forward to speak out against mixing social agenda, like equal treatment for everyone outside the white straight group, with meritocracy, the evaluation...


Two videos that make you happy

Sometimes one feels down and troubled, and instead of a helping hand, watching videos that cheer you up can get you a long way. Two of my favorite videos are one of the “crazy...


Gaming: The Talos Principle

Over the last weekends I finally managed to finish The Talos Principle, all of its endings. Compared to the actual play time I needed for , namely about 12 hours, The Talos Principle challenged...


An amusing lintian error — Lenna

Well, there we are, trying to build another round of TeX Live packages for Debian, just to realize that the lintian error that should have been downgraded to warning (or removed) is still around,...


A ghost at JAIST

Today I got the booklet: JAIST Outline 2014-2015, and I found a very interesting table at the end of the pamphlet, listing the international staff members. Reading through it, I wondered what has happened...