On Lars Wirzenius, Fun, and Debian

Some time ago I got flamed by Lars Wirzenius, because I dared to write on my blog

The last point by Linus is what I criticize most on Debian nowdays, it has become a sterilized over-governed entity, where most fun is gone.

One of the things he said was

I do feel it is important to make it clear to the people reading Planet Debian, where both Preining’s and my blogs are published, that his opinions are not mainstream in the Debian project, and that despite what he says, Debian development continues to be fun.
– Lars Wirzenius, On Norbert Preining, Sarah Sharp, and Debian

Well, as it turned out he got tired of Debian and doesn’t consider it fun anymore:

I’ve had a rough year, and Debian has also stopped being fun for me.
– Lars Wirzenius, Retiring from Debian

Times are a changin‘! Despite the difference of our opinions, thanks for your hard work on Debian!

5 Responses

  1. Frans says:

    That’s kind of fun!

  2. Joey Hess says:

    Ah, I see you’re a shithead. Plonk.

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