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Cinnamon 4 for Debian – updates

As mentioned in the previous blog, I have created Debian packages for Cinnamon 4. The first changes have been pushed to the Cinnamon Team on Salsa, but since I don’t have access anymore the...


TeX Live/Debian updates 20190122

Despite current unpleasantries abound, I have updated the TeX Live packages – mostly to fix a critical bug in xr.sty – since I don’t think the users should pay with broken documents for what...


Thoughts on 2018

I wanted to write something about how my blog was read in 2018, but recent events distracted me from that. Now I am just surprised. I think it is the first time in my...


TeX Live/Debian updates 20181214

Another month passed, and the (hoepfully) last upload for this year brings updates to the binaries, to the usual big set of macro and font packages, and some interesting and hopefully useful changes. The...


On Lars Wirzenius, Fun, and Debian

Some time ago I got flamed by Lars Wirzenius, because I dared to write on my blog The last point by Linus is what I criticize most on Debian nowdays, it has become a...


TeX Live/Debian updates 20181106

All around updates in the TeX Live on Debian world: Besides the usual shipment of macro and font packages, we have uploaded a new set of binaries checked out from current svn, as well...


Debian/TeX Live updates 20181009

MOre than a month has passed, and we went through a CVE and some other complications, but finally I managed to build and upload a new set of packages of TeX Live for Debian....


Firefox got maniac

Update 2018-11-06: it was a fontconfig bug that is fixed in version 2.13.1-2. I can confirm that with this version all is back to normal, finally. I don’t know what, I don’t know why,...


Calibre and rar support – again

I have written here several times about Calibre, as well as my trials to get RAR support into the non-free part of Debian, mostly because I have also a few cbr files that I...


Debian/TeX Live updates 20180824

Exactly one month has passed since the last TeX Live for Debian update, so here we are with the usual bunch. Besides the usual updates to macros and font packages, this time I also...


#!/usr/bin/env != /usr/bin/perl

I just say one thing … I hate irrelevant policies. Now I have to either patch 59 files in TeX Live, or write a script that goes through a few Gb of data to...


台湾の新竹でのDebConf 2018

Debian Developers Conferenceは毎年開催され、今年は7月29日から8月5日の日程で、台湾の新竹で開催されました。2000年に設立して以来、この年次会議がアジアで開催されたのは初めてでした。