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KDE/Plasma Status Update 2020-07-04

Great timing for 4th of July, here is another status update of KDE/Plasma for Debian. Short summary: everything is now available for Debian sid and testing, for both i386 and am64 architectures! With Qt...


TeX Live Debian update 20200629

More than a month has passed since the last update of TeX Live packages in Debian, so here is a new checkout! All arch all packages have been updated to the tlnet state as...


Cinnamon 4.6 for Debian

After a few rounds of testing in experimental, I have uploaded Cinnamon 4.6 packages to Debian/unstable. Nothing spectacular new besides the usual stream of fixes. Enjoy the new Cinnamon!


KDE/Plasma 5.19.2 for Debian

After the long wait (or should I say The Long Dark) finally Qt 5.14 has arrived in Debian/unstable, and thus the doors for KDE/Plasma 5.19 are finally open. I have been preparing this release...


KDE/Plasma Status Update

Some time has passed since the last updated of my KDE/Plasma packages. In the meantime KDE/frameworks 0.70 was uploaded to Debian/unstable, and everyone should have smoothly transitioned to the “official” packages by now. In...


Plasma 5.19 coming to Debian

The KDE Plasma desktop is soon getting an update to 5.19, and beta versions are out for testing. In this release, we have prioritized making Plasma more consistent, correcting and unifying designs of widgets...


Updating Dovecot for Debian

A tweet of a friend pointed me at the removal of dovecot from Debian/testing, which surprised me a bit. Investigating the situation it seems that Dovecot in Debian is lagging a bit behind in...


KDE/Plasma 5.18.5 for Debian

After the KDE Apps update 20.04, now the recently released Plasma 5.18.5 is ready for Debian. Furthermore, since the most recent version of the KDE frameworks have been uploaded to Debian/experimental, I have adapted...


KDE Apps 20.04 (and Plasma) for Debian

A few days ago KDE Apps 20.04 were released, and I am happy that thanks to the openSUSE Build Service (and a lot of scripting and some hand-work), packages for Debian Unstable and Testing...


TeX Live 2020 in Debian

A few days ago we have released upstream TeX Live 2020, and Debian packages are already available in the sid/unstable suite, and will (hopefully) migrate to testing rather soon. All the changes listed in...


QOwnNotes for Debian (update)

Update 2020-04-18: I have removed my QOwnNotes repository, since there is a OBS build by upstream that includes builds for Debian/unstable, testing, Buster. So no need for me. Please see https://www.qownnotes.org/installation for details!! Some...


KDE/Plasma updates for Debian sid/testing

I have written before about getting updated packages for KDE/Plasma on Debian. In the meantime I have moved all package building to the openSUSE Build Service, thus I am able to provide builds for...


KDE/Plasma 5.18 for Debian

Update 2020-04-03: Please see this post for updated location of the packages!!! Now for i586 and amd64 architectures! I have been trying out the Plasma Desktop for one week now, and I am very...