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  1. Nabil Danial says:

    thank you, it works

  2. dpanter says:

    Cheers Norbert, works again.

  3. Sedat says:

    APT_LINK=”https://www.preining.info” ; APT_KEY=”obs-npreining.asc”

    root# curl -sL $APT_LINK/$APT_KEY | apt-key add –

    root# wget -qO- $APT_LINK/$APT_KEY | sudo tee /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/$APT_KEY


  4. Ernst says:

    Many thanks, Norbert. Apologies for my ignorance, but could you please remind me again what commands I need to execute to install the key? Many thanks!

    • APT_LINK=”https://www.preining.info” ; APT_KEY=”obs-npreining.asc”
      wget -qO- $APT_LINK/$APT_KEY | sudo tee /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/$APT_KEY

      • Ernst Meier says:

        Thank you so much, Norbert!

        • Ernst Meier says:

          For the record and all other non-experts: The above commands work if ” is replaced with “, and if the html tag is deleted at the end of the first line.

          Thanks again!

  5. Hi Norbert, once again, thank you for following the KDE releases so closely. I recently updated using your repo, and there are 5 packages which always show as ‘to be updated’ – even after I do something like `sudo aptitude safe-upgrade`, or update straight from the Discover KDE app. The packages are: kpackagetool5, libkf5auth5, libkf5filemetadata-bin, libkf5service5, qml-module-org-kde-activities.

    Not sure what is causing this. I’m probably doing something blatantly silly.


    • I guess they need recompilation sure to libQt changes. I’ll try to look into it.

      • Tushar says:

        I find the stability of Debian-“stable” too comfortable to let go. But KDE has been adding really productivity-enhancing features. I think KDE ports for Debian-stable are an amazing idea – and for those of us who have no clue how this magic called packaging works – an absolute gift.

        Is there a guide that could be used to learn more about packaging for Debian-stable? I am totally swamped with work, but I’d like to build this skill during my free time (about an hour a week) and to contribute to an effort such as yours. I advocate for free software, and it’s time I started contributing more than elisp code 😀 I only know languages which I use for work though – Julia and python. I can do C++ too, but it’s been >10 years since I last used it…

        Any tips/leads/suggestions on where to begin are welcome.

        NOTE: You don’t have to publish this on your blog if you don’t want to. I found this the easiest way to reach out!

  6. Kalvin Dan says:

    Hi there! Thanks for all of the work you do. Sorry to ask early, but are there any plans to get Plasma 5.25 to Debian on your repository? Thanks.

    • There is already a repo plasma525, but it is far from ready.

      • Kalvin Dan says:

        Also, I tried importing your key but it keeps complaining that the keys don’t match and the signatures were invalid. I used the exact command you posted in an earlier comment. I tried deleting and re-importing your key. Was the key updated before or did I do something wrong?

  7. aldek says:

    Like Kalvin, it keeps sayong that the signature is invalid…

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