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Debian complaining to KDE …

So now some Debian boohoos are complaining about my blog which is aggregated at Planet KDE, directly to KDE, how nice. They were bothered by the following statement: Usual disclaimer: (1) Considering that I...


Future of “my” packages in Debian

After having been (again) demoted (timed perfectly to my round birthday!) based on flimsy arguments, I have been forced to rethink the level of contribution I want to do for Debian. Considering in particular...


Thoughts on 2018

I wanted to write something about how my blog was read in 2018, but recent events distracted me from that. Now I am just surprised. I think it is the first time in my...

Inquisition is back 4

Inquisition is back

Times long past are back: anonymous complaints, closed courts, opaque decisions, denial of redress, denial of communications. Brave New World

Sharp did it again 4

Sharp did it again

I have written about a certain S. Sharp (formerly Sarah, now Sage) and their attacks on Linus. As everyone knows by now, the Linux Kernel Team has decided to adopt a Code of Conduct...

#!/usr/bin/env != /usr/bin/perl 4

#!/usr/bin/env != /usr/bin/perl

I just say one thing … I hate irrelevant policies. Now I have to either patch 59 files in TeX Live, or write a script that goes through a few Gb of data to...

John Oliver and news in Japan 2

John Oliver and news in Japan

Yesterday evening I was enjoying several features by John Oliver, mostly about the upcoming election in the US (Scandals), but also one of the best features I have heard from him on Guantánamo. It...

Suki Kim – Without You, There Is No Us 1

Suki Kim – Without You, There Is No Us

A book that goes further behind the walls that surround North Korea than anything else I have seen. Suki Kim managed to squeeze herself, American-Korean, into a English teaching job at the Pyongyang University...

Rest in peace UK 13

Rest in peace UK

I am mourning for the UK. I feel so much pain and pity for all my good friends over there. Stupidity has won again. Good bye UK, your long reign has found its end....

Armenia and Turkey – Erdoğan did it again 0

Armenia and Turkey – Erdoğan did it again

It is 101 years to the day that Turkey started the first genocide of the 20th century, the Armenian Genocide. And Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the populistic and seemingly maniac president of Turkey, does not...

Ian Buruma: Wages of Guilt 3

Ian Buruma: Wages of Guilt

Since moving to Japan, I got more and more interested in history, especially the recent history of the 20th century. The book I just finished, Ian Buruma (Wiki, home page) Wages of Guilt –...

SJW attitude in science 36

SJW attitude in science

Recently, Eric Raymond, famous for is “The Cathedral and the Bazaar“, stepped forward to speak out against mixing social agenda, like equal treatment for everyone outside the white straight group, with meritocracy, the evaluation...

七十年ニュルンベルク裁判と日本の現代史:歴史教科書に書いていない話 0