Sharp did it again

I have written about a certain S. Sharp (formerly Sarah, now Sage) and their attacks on Linus. As everyone knows by now, the Linux Kernel Team has decided to adopt a Code of Conduct – and without failure and according to the expectations of many – within the shortest time the CoC was used not in the intended way to create a positive atmosphere, but to attack fellow developers, in this case Ted Tso.

S. Sharp has decided to call him out as a “rape apologist”, based on two postings of him to the LCA2011-Chat mailing list. The lovely Geek Feminism Wiki has archived these two page, here is the first and here the second post.

Please note, I am not diminishing what rape is, and or any particular person’s experience. However, I *am* challenging the use of statistics that may be hyperbolic and misleading …
– Ted Tso

Reading through his postings I don’t see any “apology for rape” as purported by S.Sharp, but a clear statistical and legal analysis that is not in the preferred style of the feminist wave. I find it very disappointing that this kind of witch hunt has started, and I completely blame it onto the introduction of the CoC.

I have contacted the Linux Foundation to cut any ties with S.Sharp, because the posting alone is against the very idea of the CoC: it is ad personam, it is derogatory, and it is public harassment. I even consider it on the border line of legality to call someone out in this way.

This is what one gets from a combination of radical feminists paired with a CoC of this style.

(Footnote: S.Sharp has blocked me from their twitter feed, but their posts are public, so if you are blocked, too, a simple log out does the trick!)

(I updated the post to use the preferred form “they/their” which I just learned that it can be actually used even in today’s English without infering pluralis maiestetis – thanks to Neil McGovern and others pointing me at explanations instead of simply criticizing!)

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  1. pizzagat says:

    I’ve just recently learned of your plight Norbert, stay strong! A lot of us mere mortals have been fearing for the future of open source software as of late. I need to start training myself to become ready to contribute code for any pivotal fork projects that arise from the chaos. Just know that we all appreciate your principled stance!

  2. Jim Kirk says:

    The recent attacks on leading Linux developers clearly are co-ordinated with intent. Look at who they are attacking, all the leading lights, the ones with genius level understanding of their field. I honestly fear for the future of Linux but not simply because of the CoC, a few idiots behind that would not worry many, but who is putting those idiots up to it? why does it feel so co-ordinated? It is almost like a war. My honest view is that they are being used as pawns by some bigger organisations to decimate linux and turn it, effectively, into abandonware

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  2. 2019/09/16

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