Author: Norbert Preining


Debian Package Smells

A recent blog post by Lucas Nussbaum has pointed me at the smell of my packages in Debian. It turned out they smell a lot it seems: Norbert Preining <>   asymptote (U) git...


Cinnamon 4 for Debian – updates

As mentioned in the previous blog, I have created Debian packages for Cinnamon 4. The first changes have been pushed to the Cinnamon Team on Salsa, but since I don’t have access anymore the...


Gaming: The Long Dark Wintermute Redux

The Long Dark got a big update in December 2018, one that renewed the story mode Wintermute completely and zipped out all safe files. Well, I haven’t played in a long time, so it...


Linux and Cloud Storage

Having been forced to quit my Dropbox contract I have been searching for alternatives. So in recent weeks/months I have been reviewing cloud storage providers and their integration into my Linux system. Cloud storage...


TeX Live/Debian updates 20190122

Despite current unpleasantries abound, I have updated the TeX Live packages – mostly to fix a critical bug in xr.sty – since I don’t think the users should pay with broken documents for what...


Gaming: Tomb Raider

I’ve done it again – played a Tomb Raider game. Since my first contact with Rise of the Tomb Raider, I took a break and did some puzzle solving with the Witness, just to...


Thoughts on 2018

I wanted to write something about how my blog was read in 2018, but recent events distracted me from that. Now I am just surprised. I think it is the first time in my...


CafeOBJ 1.5.9 released

Yesterday we released CafeOBJ 1.5.9 with several new feature, bug fixes, and optimizations. Changes from the previous version: improved memoization higher heap allocation on 64bit systems fixes to .cafeobj file handling new switch ‘show...


Inquisition is back

Times long past are back: anonymous complaints, closed courts, opaque decisions, denial of redress, denial of communications. Brave New World emailPrintFacebookTwitterLinkedinFlattr


Git and Autotools – a hate relation?

For a project where I contribute I started to rewrite the build system using autotools (autoconf/automake), since this is one of the most popular build systems as far as I know. The actual conversion...


TeX Live/Debian updates 20181214

Another month passed, and the (hoepfully) last upload for this year brings updates to the binaries, to the usual big set of macro and font packages, and some interesting and hopefully useful changes. The...


Onyx Boox Firmware 2.0

Onyx Boox Note is a great device for reading, writing, note taking. I have written about my first impressions with this device here, and since then I have used the device heavily. I don’t...