Author: Norbert Preining


Fixing the Breeze Dark theme for gtk3 apps

It has been now about two weeks that I switched to KDE/Plasma on all my desktops, and to my big surprise, that went much more smooth than I thought. There are only a few...


KDE/Plasma 5.18 for Debian

I have been trying out the Plasma Desktop for one week now, and I am very positively surprised. Compared to the clumsy history of KDE3, the current desktop is extremely small-footprint and smooth, surprisingly....


De-uglify GTk3 tabs of terminals

If you are puzzled by the indistinguishability of the active tab from inactive tabs in any of the GTK3 based terminal emulators (mate-terminal, gnome-terminal, terminator, …), you are not alone. I have been plagued...





Fixing mate-terminal URL highlighting

One of the recent updates in Debian swept in changes so that mate-terminal couldn’t highlight URLs anymore (Debian bug report, upstream bug report). I got so fed up with this that I fixed it...


Brave broken (on Debian?)

Update a few hours later: an update came in, version 1.7.62, which fixed this misbehavior!!!! I have been using the Brave browser now for many months without any problem, in particular I use the...


Changing cinnamon’s lockscreen background

Recently I want to have a different background image on the desktop and the lock screen. With my preferred desktop environment, Cinnamon, I found that this is not planned for, how disappointing. Searching the...


Gaming: The Turing Test

In a world without Portal and The Talos Principle, The Turing Test would have been a great game. Fortunately there is Portal and The Talos Principle, which leaves The Turing Test as an interesting...


QOwnNotes for Debian

QOwnNotes is a cross-platform plain text and markdown note taking application. By itself, it wouldn’t be something to talk about, we have vim and emacs and everything in between. But QOwnNotes integrates nicely with...


Okular update for Debian

Update 20200304: okular is updated in Debian, so I rebased my packages onto the Debian work, added my tab-restore patch, and made new packages! The quest for a good tabbed pdf viewer lead me...


MuPDF, QPDFView and other Debian updates

Update 2020-02-24: The default Debian packages for pupdf and pymupdf have been updated to the current version (or newer), and thus I have removed the packages from my repo. Thanks to the maintainers for...


CafeOBJ 1.6.0 released

We have released version 1.6.0 of CafeOBJ, an algebraic specification and verification language. This release incorporates the following changes: CITP is officially renamed to PTCalc documents are not updated yet PTCalc(CITP) enhancements :init defined...