Author: Norbert Preining


Gaming: The Witness

As mentioned in my last Gaming blog post on Rise of the Tomb Raider, I decided to go for a “brain muscle training” game next, The Witness, a game full of maniac riddles, and...


RIP Dropbox on Linux

Yesterday, Dropbox has finally pulled the plug on its Linux support. Let us keep a silent minute for the deceased. Of course, Dropbox does see this differently, but their explanation that ext4 is the...


TeX Live/Debian updates 20181106

All around updates in the TeX Live on Debian world: Besides the usual shipment of macro and font packages, we have uploaded a new set of binaries checked out from current svn, as well...


グラフデータベースの入門例:TeX LiveとNeo4j



Debian/TeX Live updates 20181009

MOre than a month has passed, and we went through a CVE and some other complications, but finally I managed to build and upload a new set of packages of TeX Live for Debian....


TeX Live Database as Graph Database

For a presentation at the Neo4j User Meeting in Tokyo I have converted the TeX Live Database into a Graph Database and represented dependencies between all kind of packages as well as files and...


TLCockpit v1.0

Today I released v1.0 of TLCockpit, the GUI front-end for the TeX Live Manager tlmgr. If you are looking for a general introduction to TLCockpit, please see the blog introducing it. Here I only...


Firefox got maniac

Update 2018-11-06: it was a fontconfig bug that is fixed in version 2.13.1-2. I can confirm that with this version all is back to normal, finally. I don’t know what, I don’t know why,...


Calibre and rar support – again

I have written here several times about Calibre, as well as my trials to get RAR support into the non-free part of Debian, mostly because I have also a few cbr files that I...


Sharp did it again

I have written about a certain S. Sharp (formerly Sarah, now Sage) and their attacks on Linus. As everyone knows by now, the Linux Kernel Team has decided to adopt a Code of Conduct...


Han Kang: The Vegetarian

The Vegetarian by Han Kang (한강) is a rough, dark, and intriguing story about two families onto which a series of strange events inflicts irreparable damage. Set in modern day Korea it draws a...


Gaming: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Over the last weekend I have finally finished The Rise of the Tomb Raider. As I wrote exactly 4 month ago when I started the game, I am a complete newby to these kind...


TeX Live contrib updates

It is now more than a year that I took over tlcontrib from Taco and provide it at the TeX Live contrib repository. It does now serve old TeX Live 2017 as well as...