NVEnc for Arch Linux

I have been using NVEnc – a NVIDIA hardware based encoder – for quite some time now. Mostly because I was pointed to it by FastFlix, one of the best video en/recoding frontend programs out there. Having switched to Arch Linux lately, I realized there is no package of it – perfect time to start contributing and preparing an AUR package for it.

Since it is my first package I made for Arch, it took me a bit of reading through the excellent wiki of Arch, and comparing a few other PKGBUILD files. After a few trials (and several errors) finally the package seems ready to me: nvenc @ AUR.

More expert Arch packagers, please leave comments or contact me with suggestions for improvements, all of that is more than welcome!

That said, now back to some video encoding (just got all the James Bond on BluRay ;-).


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  1. Anonymous says:

    >”FastFlix keeps HDR10 metadata”
    thank you bro just what i was looking for!

  1. 2022/02/16

    […] Norbert Preining: NVEnc for Arch Linux […]

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