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  1. Franco says:

    Calling someone stupid just because they didn’t vote as you expected is… well, not that bright.

    The folks who voted “leave” are/were the most impacted by globalization, immigration, jobs being moved abroad. They have been marginalized for a decade in the political debate and the result of today is their answer, their collective scream.

    I hoped for a ‘bremain’ outcome, but I won’t insult my opponents just because I am salty.

    • I consider emotional votes a stupidity. And the Brexit vote was by far the most emotional one. The second graphic shows a clear tendency, educated people are fro Bremain, less educated are for Brexit. Because finding an opinion on such a difficult matter *should* *not* *be* *left* *to* *the* *people*. Politicians are elected to do their work, it is their job. Now they have to follow the rule of the uneducated plebs. Well done.

      • Thomas Nordenmark says:

        Not sure how for example a bachelor in computer science makes you more qualified to make decisions about international politics and economy than, let’s say a bus driver.

        Or a masters degree in physiotherapy for that matter. Or a PhD in microbiology with a thesis on the DNA of the green pea.

        Education does not equal intelligence and it does not mean you have some mysterious higher knowledge in some totally unrelated field.

        What it does, however, is indicate you probably have a higher income, a home in a nice neighborhood, children in private schools and a job in a good part of town and so are much less subject to the problems many people feel that the EU has created.

        • Unfortunately incorrect. The point of having such a degree means that on average you learned to evaluate arguments, weight them, and draw logical conclusions, not emotionally based. That is the reason why educated people have voted remain. And reality shows that it would have been the correct decision. Now everyone, also your “bus driver” is worse of.

    • somebody says:

      Fair enough to say that stupidity has won in my opinion. Most of the exit votes seem to come from the working-cum-lower class who predominantly vote conservative, backing a government who have a history of privatisation and cutting public services. In other words, people who are pretty good at shooting themselves in the foot.

      This from a (currently) British person.

  2. CArsten says:

    But nevertheless you should quote your sources – be it for the image but quite importantly for the stats!

  3. Nobody says:

    The question is: you are sick, you are worse every day. What do you do, you lay down and wait death or you try a desperate move, whatever it may be,

    In other words, it is better to lay and watch Europe rotten, self-determination taken away from citizens in every country, the Brand New Word of “super-global-unknown-elites” being build on the ruins of what we have been knowing all our life, Europe of old and older people being repopulated by aliens from all over, or it is better to turn the table, no matter the immediate costs?

    I guess we must reach an agreement on the definition of “stupidity”.

  4. Diogo says:

    I don’t think you can grasp how incredibly prejudiced and dictatorial your comments are, being so intoxicated with your own self-proclaimed “cleverness”.

    Ruling out a person’s opinion because he doesn’t have a higher degree is proof of stupidity. They have a say precisely because they’re the most affected by public policy.

    I’m relieved that aristocratic dictators don’t have a chance nowadays. You’ll have a tough time convincing anyone that

    A great brit, Churchill, thought otherwise. How do you stack against him?

    Actually, getting away from the influence of “clever” bureaucrats from Brussels was one of the reasons of Brexit.

    And fyi, i’m an engineer.

    • Giselle says:

      I don’t find the comments prejudiced or dictatorial. The fact is that the decision of leaving or not the EU involves many things that the average person is not aware of (and I include myself there). Therefore, asking the people to vote on it is basically saying that the side with the best propaganda wins. And unfortunately, the people that are more likely to be manipulated are exactly the ones with a lower education level.

  5. Al says:

    Norbert blogs is always full of attacks… congrats on hitting the nail on the head, i guess

    I also think stupidity won this one… A bunch of stupid people shooting themselves on the foot to teach a lesson to their politicians… nice going… that will show them…

    If that is not the definition of stupidity, i dont know what it is

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