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Japanese-English dictionary for Kobo

Since ever the Kobo firmwares also allowed downloading of a bunch of dictionaries, most of which I don’t need. As I am fluent in most languages I read and write, the only real dictionary...


Upgrading my eReader – Kobo GloHD

After long time of dear service, I have decided to exchange my Kobo Glo to a new device, the Kob GloHD. The reasons are simple: higher resolution, better reading quality. While the photos are...


ePub editor Sigil landed in Debian

Long long time ago I wanted to have Sigil, an epub editor, to appear in Debian. There was a packaging wishlist bug from back in 2010 with intermittent activities. But thanks to concerted effort,...


Sigil for Debian

After long and painful back and forth, we finally uploaded Sigil to Debian. Sigil is a great multi-platform epub editor. First time the intention to package was uttered was in 2010, see bug 590180,...


Kobo firmware 3.5.0 and kobohack

Kobo has shipped another update of the firmware for their devices, new version is 3.5.0. Most important fix it seems is for the “light-on-after-sleep” bug, which botched my battery a few times. Another fix...


Knuth’s TAOCP – hardcover and ebook

Finally I got it – the bible for all who are serious about programming. DEK’s The Art of Computer Programming. I had some coupon’s for InformIT purchases, and used that to get both the...


Kobo firmware 3.3.1, kobohack, libnickel

Kobo has shipped another update of the firmware for their devices, new version is 3.3.1. Nothing spectacular new, just a language update it seems. But since kobohack was updated to firmware 3.3.0, I thought...


ハリー・ポッターと秘密の部屋 (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

やっと読みきれた。ハリー・ポッター・シリーズの第二巻の「秘密の部屋」。4月から結構仕事に沈んでるから、読書の時間がだんだん少なくなってしまった上に、いつも本5・6冊同時に読んでいるから、時間がかかっていた。 十分有名な本だから、内容を伝えなくていいと思う。第一巻と比べたら、自分の読書能力がアップした感じだ。最後に本当に楽しみながら、普通の読み方だった。もちろん、英語かドイツごかイタリア語よりゆっくり読んでいるけど、「読んでいる」感じになってきた。やっぱりeBookがいい!特に新しい言葉の勉強の時。 これから、第三巻に入りま〜す。いつか川端康成、安部公房、中原中也、芥川龍之介、村上春樹等の本を読めるようになりたい! emailPrintFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinFlattr


Kobo Glo kobohack-j 140315

A new release of the kobohack-j package brings updates to freetype (2.5.3), sqlite (, dosfstools (3.0.26), and libpng (1.6.10). The hack part sees the addition of busybox (1.22.1), as well as updates to gdb...