Kobo firmware 3.5.0 and kobohack

Kobo has shipped another update of the firmware for their devices, new version is 3.5.0. Most important fix it seems is for the “light-on-after-sleep” bug, which botched my battery a few times. Another fix that has been patched by the libnickel patch for long time finally found its way into the main firmware, the long paragraph bug fix.

Kobo Logo

As always, the update procedure is well documented, see tag Kobo.


Links to the firmware are available at this thread at MobileRead. The firmware is for Glo/Auro HD is here: kobo-update-3.5.0.zip.


As usual (see previous posts), I try to get ssh running on my Kobo, in addition to some library updates. For this I use the kobohack-j project. The latest release is 140426 and is targetting firmware 3.3.0 and up. Direct link to the version 140426.

I installed both KoboRoot and KoboRoot_hack, and all is working without problems so far.

libnickel patching

There is (since some time) a good thread how to patch libnickel (and now also another library) at this thread at MobileRead. The first post contains a download link for a zip file that works on both Windows and Unix (including Mac), including the latest release.

My Kobo Glo is currently running with the following patches enabled:

  • Unitless ePub line height: see this post
  • Synopsis font size fix
  • Custom reading footer style
  • Freedom to advanced fonts control

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