Kobo firmware 3.16.0 mega update (KSM, nickel patch, ssh, fonts)

As with all the previous versions, I have prepared a mega update for the Kobo firmware 3.16.0, including all my favorite patches and features. Please see details for 3.15.0, 3.13.1 and 3.12.1. As before, the following addons are included: Kobo Start Menu, koreader, coolreader, pbchess, ssh access, custom dictionaries, plus as a new treat, some side-loaded fonts. What I dropped this time is most of the kobohack part, as the libraries seem to get outdated. But I included the dropbear ssh server from the kobohack package.

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So what are all these items:

  • firmware (thread): the basic software of the device, shipped by Kobo company
  • Kobo Start Menu (V07, update 4 thread): an menu that pops up before the reading software (nickel) starts, which allows to start alternative readers (like koreader) etc.
  • KOreader (koreader-nightly-20150608, thread): an alternative document reader that supports epub, azw, pdf, djvu and many more
  • pbchess and CoolReader (2015.5, thread): a chess program and another alternative reader, bundled together with several other games
  • kobohack (web site): I only use the ssh servert
  • ssh access (old post: makes a full computer from your device by allowing you to log into it via ssh
  • custom dictionaries (thread): in particular Japanese-English
  • side-loaded fonts: GentiumBasic and GentiumBookBasic, Verdana, DroidSerif, and Charter-eInk

Please see this post for details.

Here is the combined Kobo-3.16.0-combined/KoboRoot.tgz

Update procedure

First install the normal firmware as obtained from above. Then, install the KoboRoot.tgz from above.


Here a a few things you need to do after you have installed the mega update:

  • ssh passwords and telnet disabling needs to be done! This is an important step, please see this old post and follow the steps from step 9.

The combined KoboRoot.tgz is provided without warranty. If you need to reset your device, don’t blame me!

7 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    I happen to own a Kobo Touch reader (not Glo), but never installed any software other than the official updates. Is this update a good starting point for a newbie like me? TIA!

    • Hi Martin,
      probably not. If you are happy withthe current situation, leave it as it is.
      If you want to fix some layout things, I recommend to read the thread about patching 3.16.0, and another thread where the various patches and improvements of the nickel patch are described.
      If you are not a hacker, the ssh stuff is not of interest. And for the side-loaded fonts nothing special needs to be done, you can do that without patching.
      Hope that helps!

  2. rojola says:

    Thanks for the new update.

    Tested on glo, i got error at launch vlasovsoftlauncher
    “Unsupported version of launcher”.

    • rojola says:

      soved my problem by downloading the last package 2015-05,. Unzip/untar the archive until i found the folder vlasovsoft (pbchess-2015.05_kobo.zip > KoboRoot.tgz > KoboRoot.tar > mnt\onboard\.kobo\vlasovsoft). On the device, replace the folder vlasovsoft, which is in .adds with the new one (I mean deleting the old folder vlasovsoft, if there is any, and copy the new one into .adds).

  3. Hi rojola,

    interesting, I had the same problem and solved it the same way you did, and I *thought* I have updated the KoboRoot on the server. But I might have forgotten to actually update it. Sorry for the confusion. I have now re-applied the same fix and re-uploaded a new KoboRoot.tgz.

    Thanks for pointing me at that!

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