TeX Live 2015 released

After long time of waiting we finally released TeX Live 2015. Get some champagne, and ready to party!


Get it via downloading the net-installer, by obtaining a DVD, or downloading the iso. Besides the huge list up updates to packages and loads of bug fixes to all the programs, here are some notable news:

  • new LaTeX2e release which automatically includes fixltx2e
  • pdfTeX got improved jpeg support (exif and JFIF)
  • luaTeX got a new library newtokenlib
  • XeTeX got image handling fixes
  • MetaPost got a new numbersystem binary, and Japanese variants were added (upmpost and updvitomp)
  • MacTeX’s Ghostscript packages got a facelift with better CJK support, other Unix-like distributions can do the same with my the newly included script cjk-gs-integrate (also one one my projects)
  • fmtutil got rewritten in perl, as reported here
  • architectures: *kfreebsd was removed,and some additional platforms available as custom binaries. The DVD does not contain all platforms (due to space reasons), but all of them can be installed via the net-installer.

Regular updates of the repository will start in due course.

Thanks to all the contributors for the hard work. Let’s have a party!

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  1. Many thanks, Norbert, for your relentless hard work in making this possible. This time, regretfully, I could not participate in TL testing efforts, not because of the apparent and alleged feeling of wasteful processes (in fact, I enjoyed it), but because of several preoccupations and avoidable nuisances thrust upon me by various situations. With lots of sincere gratitude, I would always appreciate the efforts of you and people like Karl Berry, et al., that made this release a reality. I would now test this new release and will see if it can be deployed for production at my work. Once again many thanks.

    • Hi Radhakrishnan,
      thanks for your kind words. The biggest thanks should go to all the great developers of TeX and friends software out there. Without them TeX Live would be nothing. That includes you and your work on TeX packages.


  2. Dominik Wujastyk says:

    Thank you Norbert. I’ll be installing on three machines later today.

  3. Martin says:

    Thanks, Norbert, for your perpetual work on TeX packaging! I can’t wait to get the new version via Debian testing – but first: Party time!

  4. Hi Dominik, hi Martin,
    thanks for your comments. As I said to Radhakrishnan, thanks should go to the package authors and program developers! Still we are happy that it is out now 😉

  5. Roderich says:

    Reading your Debian changelog for texlive-bin, I was wondering about the use of an internal version of poppler. AFAICT one of the programs contained in the package wants at least poppler 0.18, another wants at least 0.25. Debian has at least 0.26, even in stable, so why is this “too old”?

    • Hi Roderich,
      yes, interesting point. I tried of course with the system poppler, but got compile errors. It seems that the documentation states that poppler 0.25 suffices, but in reality one needs 0.28 or 0.30.

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