Kobo firmware 3.15.0 plus mega update (KSM, kobohack, patch, ssh, …)

As with previous version, I have prepared a mega update for the Kobo firmware 3.15.0, including all my favorite patches and features. Please see details for 3.13.1 and 3.12.1. As before, the following addons are included: Kobo Start Menu, koreader, coolreader, pbchess, ssh access, custom dictionaries.

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So what are all these items:

  • firmware (thread): the basic software of the device, shipped by Kobo company
  • Kobo Start Menu (V07 thread): an menu that pops up before the reading software (nickel) starts, which allows to start alternative readers (like koreader) etc.
  • KOreader (koreader-nightly-20150430, thread): an alternative document reader that supports epub, azw, pdf, djvu and many more
  • pbchess and CoolReader (2015.4, thread): a chess program and another alternative reader, bundled together with several other games
  • kobohack (web site): updated libraries and ssh server
  • ssh access (old post: makes a full computer from your device by allowing you to log into it via ssh
  • custom dictionaries (thread): in particular Japanese-English

Please see this post for details.

Here is the combined Kobo-3.15.0-combined/KoboRoot.tgz


Here a a few things you need to do after you have installed the mega update:

  • ssh passwords and telnet disabling needs to be done! This is an important step, please see this old post and follow the steps from step 9.
  • Install all available updates for the Kobo Start Menu, available from the first post in this thread.

The combined KoboRoot.tgz is provided without warranty. If you need to reset your device, don’t blame me!

13 Responses

  1. rojola says:

    Kudos for this wonderful package. You made me appreciate even more my glo.

  2. rojola says:

    Coming from your previous mega-pack; tried partial and full update
    after a bit of testing, nickel fail to load. Will be trying again tomorrow.

  3. rojola says:

    yeah, i was tired and forgot this logic step. Just updated KSM, All is good now

    Thanks again for your help

  4. nomeata says:

    I fetched the dropbear binary from your package. It worked a few hours ago, but now I cannot connect any more. The port is open, but according to `strace`, `dropbear` does not even react – it just sits there in the `select` call. Have you ever seen that?

    • Is there an entry in the inetd config file? Maybe it was started once by hand, and after the first connection closed it wasn’t respawned? Can you telnet into the unit?

      • nomeata says:

        I’m not using it with inetd, but run it as a daemon. But if you have not seen the symptoms before, I doubt that it can be debugged remotely – it’s either something very stupid or very weird…

        • I’m not sure if that wirks, maybe dropbear does not work in that mode?

          • nomeata says:

            That’ the weird thing: It worked two hours earlier. The only difference (as far as I could tell) was a different wireless network.

          • How many times did it work? And, simply, how do you start the daemon? With a respawn entry in inittab?

          • nomeata says:

            It worked several times; I was actively using the SSH connection. It worked with dropbear started manually via telnet, as well as (indirectly) from rcS.

  5. Whoa says:


    Can this be used with a Kobo Aura (non-HD) ?
    Also, is it possible to revert back to the original firmware, just in case ?


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