Sigil for Debian

After long and painful back and forth, we finally uploaded Sigil to Debian. Sigil is a great multi-platform epub editor.


First time the intention to package was uttered was in 2010, see bug 590180, but the activity soon died off again. In 2014 I did a first packaging (quick and dirty) of a recent version because I wanted to have Sigil working on Debian. It turned out that due to some licensing problems (one flightcrew) file, there was not chance to upload.

Steps in Mattia Rizzolo, who took over my packaging, and improved it incredible, removed all duplicate libraries, separately packaged several libraries, and finally got sigil into an uploadable state. So today I have uploaded sigil to experimental, and it is now waiting in the NEW queue.

Big thanks to Mattia, and also to Don Armstrong who helped along the way with excellent support and suggestions. Sigil is a good addition to Debian!

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