Kobo firmware 3.19.5761 mega update (KSM, nickel patch, ssh, fonts)

Since 3.18.0 there have been two new firmwares for the Kobo eInk devices. For the very recently released firmware release 3.19.5761 I have updated my collection of patches and features. As with previous mega-package, I prepared updates for all three hardwares, Mark4 (Glo), Mark5 (Aura), and Mark6 (GloHD), but only the one for Mark6 is tested by myself.

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Changes since last release:

  • KSM updated to v8
  • koreader updated to v2015.11-stable
  • update pbchess package to 2015.07
  • (that was actually in the last one already, but I mention it again, just to be sure) customdict scripting update via run.sh was removed – for those who need it there is a patch that works better in the Metazoa patches, but I did not activate it for the public release.

Included patches from the Metazoa firmware patches: Custom reading footer style, My 15 line spacing values, Custom left & right margins, Brightness fine control, Search in Library by default, Custom page refresh options (1,2,3,…,12), Fix three KePub fullScreenReading bugs, Always display chapter name on navigation menu. Other things that are included are as usual: koreader, pbchess, coolreader, the ssh part of kobohack, and some side-loaded fonts. For details on the respective parts please see the previous post


Mark6 – Kobo GloHD

firmware: Kobo 3.19.5761 for GloHD

Mega update: Kobo-3.19.5761-combined/Mark6/KoboRoot.tgz

Mark5 – Aura

firmware: Kobo 3.19.5761 for Aura

Mega update: Kobo-3.19.5761-combined/Mark5/KoboRoot.tgz

Mark4 – Kobo Glo, Aura HD

firmware: Kobo 3.19.5761 for Glo and AuraHD

Mega update: Kobo-3.19.5761-combined/Mark4/KoboRoot.tgz


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