Kobo firmware 3.19.5761 mega update (KSM, nickel patch, ssh, fonts)

Since 3.18.0 there have been two new firmwares for the Kobo eInk devices. For the very recently released firmware release 3.19.5761 I have updated my collection of patches and features. As with previous mega-package, I prepared updates for all three hardwares, Mark4 (Glo), Mark5 (Aura), and Mark6 (GloHD), but only the one for Mark6 is tested by myself.

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Changes since last release:

  • KSM updated to v8
  • koreader updated to v2015.11-stable
  • update pbchess package to 2015.07
  • (that was actually in the last one already, but I mention it again, just to be sure) customdict scripting update via run.sh was removed – for those who need it there is a patch that works better in the Metazoa patches, but I did not activate it for the public release.

Included patches from the Metazoa firmware patches: Custom reading footer style, My 15 line spacing values, Custom left & right margins, Brightness fine control, Search in Library by default, Custom page refresh options (1,2,3,…,12), Fix three KePub fullScreenReading bugs, Always display chapter name on navigation menu. Other things that are included are as usual: koreader, pbchess, coolreader, the ssh part of kobohack, and some side-loaded fonts. For details on the respective parts please see the previous post


Mark6 – Kobo GloHD

firmware: Kobo 3.19.5761 for GloHD

Mega update: Kobo-3.19.5761-combined/Mark6/KoboRoot.tgz

Mark5 – Aura

firmware: Kobo 3.19.5761 for Aura

Mega update: Kobo-3.19.5761-combined/Mark5/KoboRoot.tgz

Mark4 – Kobo Glo, Aura HD

firmware: Kobo 3.19.5761 for Glo and AuraHD

Mega update: Kobo-3.19.5761-combined/Mark4/KoboRoot.tgz


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  1. Rojola says:

    Thanks as always, Confirmed working on mark4
    i’ve updated pbchess to current 2015.09

  2. Martin says:

    Too bad, I still own a Kobo Touch (mark 3)…

    • Is this a request for a Mark3 version? I am not sure how far the Mark3 generation is support in all this, including KSM and nickel patching.

      • Martin says:

        If there were a version for the Kobo Touch, I certainly would try it. I don’t know enough about the differences between Kobo Touch and Glo. It looks like they use the same CPU, only with different frequencies (800 MHz vs 1 GHz). Memory and display resolution seem to be the same, too.

  3. Harry Spaz says:

    Thanks for this! Appears to be working fine on my Aura, and everything feels more smooth.

  4. Peter says:

    Dear Norbert,

    Is there any slim chance that you could create a mega update for a Kobo Aura H2O? Or (perhaps much more reasonable to ask…) could you please point me in the right direction as to how one can apply all these patches manually to get the mega update functionality on this device?

    Many-many thanks in advance!

    • Peter says:

      … sorry just realised that you included a link to each element under your post for the 3.17 firmware. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get through it on my own.

      Thank you for the great work!

    • I think you can use the Mark5 version for the H2O. I should have written that, but as far as I remember the H2O s also Mark5 hardware.

      • Peter says:

        Yes, it works flawlessly. Thank you once again. I find it so bizarre, that Kobo couldn’t design a decent piece of software for their otherwise ahead-of-the-game hardware. Which is even more bizare, that Koreader is the best ereader application on the market, in my opinion. There’s no other ereader with matching pdf reading capabilities.

  5. richard3700 says:


    Deu certo no meu Kobo Glo, otimizou em 200%, adorei!

  6. Chiara says:

    Sorry, but how do I uninstall this patch? It gave me some weird issues and I wanted to uninstall it without factory resetting everything.

    • That involves a few steps, depending on what you want to remove. If you want to remove the firmware modifications, simply put an original firmware into three .kobo for and it will be flashed. That will not delete your books or reading data and should suffice in practically all cases. If there are still problems you might need to remove tracts of the KSM08, too.

      • SaintNick says:

        That is: put *the content* of the .zip into the .kobo folder.

      • SaintNick says:

        I had a quick look at this patch and might return to it. But meantime after I uninstalled per your instructions (plus also user script delete_ksm.sh) and I am now back on the stock firmware, I still have zero margins while reading a purchased kobo epub. With one or two pixels disappearing under the left hand bezel.
        Is this something from the mega patch I still need to remove in some way?

    • Btw, what kind of weird issues? And are you sure that they are connected to the changes here?

  7. SaintNick says:

    BTW I have a Kobo Glo (Mark 4)

  8. Dude says:

    A small question. How to install this firmware on Kobo Glo (current version 3.8.0) ?

    In “Instructions for patching firmware 3.19.5761”
    they say “Make sure your Kobo ereader is already running firmware version 3.19.5761”

    What is “Mega update” ?


  9. fans says:

    Please, automate disabling telnet&ssh by placing appropriate script in KSM: most users are not familiar with vi.

    • Good idea, I will look into it for the next firmware release.

      • Domen says:

        I am unable to Telnet my Aura HD, could you help me with some more detailed instructions? I used correct IP, but is port 23 suitable to Telnet? If not, which then?

        Also after this patch, I am having issues with installing kobo-nightmode, by GitHub, by ordinary way. Why is that?

        Please help, and also thanks for patch.

        • Yes, port 23 is correct. Did you install the package and reboot?
          Concerning night-mode: I have no idea, never used it.

          • Domen says:

            Hi, I did solve night mode. There is a script that has to be run via “nickelpreload”.

            Anyway, I did install the package and reboot.. have no clue why I can not make telnet connection. I should be inside nickel, when doing this, and click “connect to computer”, right? Is there any other way to do the same thing?

            One more question: how to activate libadobe.so.patch functions: patch_name = `Remove PDF page turn arrows at left and right edges of page`, patch_name = `Preserve PDF pan position across page turns`, and patch_name = `Remove PDF map widget shown during panning`
            …since I already installed your update

          • Domen says:

            Please just reply how to patch libadobe.so.patch after installing mega update!

          • You need to do the normal patching routine as described in the mobileread thread I linked to. Then you can select which patches you want and which not. Patching on the machine is not supported.

  10. Peter says:

    Hey guys

    Just got the Kobo HD Glo running 3.19.5761.
    What are the benefits of flashing the firmware with the custom Mega update: Kobo-3.19.5761-combined/Mark6/KoboRoot.tgz

    Im curious to know what exactly this firmware corrects, and what i would experience from updating the kobo with this

    I noticed on the previous thread that updating seems like a simple process of putting the tgz in the .kobo folder

    If i went ahead do i need to follow the steps in the previous update under warnings?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Peter,
      as I mentioned in the post, please see this post for details. What you get in principle is:

      • the set of my preferred Metazoa patches
      • Kobo Start Menu KSM version 0.8
      • additional programs: koreader, pbchess, coolreader (accessible from KSM)
      • ssh access (needs configuration!)
      • support for custom dictionaries
      • some extra side-loaded fonts

      Details to all the items are included in the link above.

      Hope that helps


      • Peter says:

        Still a little confused to the benefits of Koreader and some of the other additions. I’ll will google them to see what they do better over the stock reader.

        Also confused about the steps in the warning with connecting to the device with telnet. Is that necessary on the latest update you have?

        • Hi Peter,
          no need to googling, visit the link I provided to the old article, where there are in turn links to all the pages of the respective additions.

          If you don’t need them, then don’t bother with my upgrade pack.

          The telnet is a security measure, otherwise someone could log onto your device while you are online and do whatever he wants there.

          • Peter says:

            Hey mate.
            Thanks for the reply.
            I’ll have a good read over everything tonight.
            The custom firmware interests me. If only to see that changes and options it includes.

            What are the chances that someone would actually log into my device when I’m using it?

          • What are the chances? I don’t know, I only know that I have seen people hacking into my iPhone after I opened the ssh port and before I changed the password. But then, Kobo eReaders are not that powerful or of interest, and the internet connection will anyway be cut rather soon. Still, I don’t know.

  11. Alexandre says:

    I have a question.
    It is necessary to install de Firmware and the Mega Update pack in this sequence?


  12. Vladimir Milos says:

    Please is any of this firmwares compatible with Kobo Aura One?
    And if its not compatible would you made firmware for KA1?
    Many thanks

    • I think the one for Mark6 is compatible with the KA1.

      • Vladimir Milos says:

        Ok. KA1 is on way to me and when i get i will try and inform here if it worked. Thanks.

      • Vladimir Milos says:

        hello. after some problems with delivery i got my KA1 today.
        i try to put mark6 update and it dont work, nothing happening after i copy.
        mark4 and mark5 worked without problemson hd and h2o and i use same instalation procedure to instal mark6 on KA1 and nothing happened after copying.
        i dont know if there is problem in software version of my ka1 (4.1.7729) or maybe mark6 need some changse to work on ka1?
        i would ask u if u could help me to install mark6 on KA1?
        Many thanks.

        • Hi Vladimir, I guess there are more things to do for the KA1. On the mobileread forum there are new patches for KSM08 for KA1, so I guess until I buy one for myself, you’ll have to Searcy for a fix yourself, sorry.

          • Vladimir Milos says:

            Ok. I will try to find patch on mobileread forum. Anyway i will wait for your patch coz its best update i find on internet and its simple to instal. Thanks for answer.

        • Ahhh, one more thing… You *cannot* use any update for an older firmware into the new firmware. This has to be redone every time for each firmware!!

          • Vladimir Milos says:

            Ok. I see, old update dont go on new firmware. Must be done new update to work work on new firmware as it is specified for each update. Thanks.

  13. Thomas says:

    Wow, thanks so much for the work you did to do this, man.

  14. SUNGOLD says:

    Hi I got a Kobo Touch 2.0 and I don’t know what to do? Can anybody point me in the right direction to a guide or instructions? Plz

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    […] Kobo firmware 3.19.5761 mega update (KSM, nickel patch, ssh, fonts) […]

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