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Debian/TeX Live 2016.20160819-1

A new – and unplanned – release in quick succession. I have uploaded testing packages to experimental which incorporate tex4ht into the TeX Live packages, but somehow the tex4ht transitional updated slipped into sid,...


Debian/TeX Live 2016.20160805-1

TUG 2016 is over, and I have returned from a wonderful trip to Toronto and Maine. High time to release a new checkout of the TeX Live packages. After that I will probably need...


Debian/TeX Live 2016.20160623-1

About one month has passed since we did release TeX Live 2016, and more than a month since the last Debian packages, so it is high time to ship out a new checkout of...



TeX Live 2016は最近リリースされたから、日本語の環境によく使われてる「ptex2pdf」に対応してる設定を自動にTeXworksに入れてることになった。したがって、これまでに必要なTeXworksの設定は自動に更新されている。 というのは、ptex2pdfのパケージが更新されてる時、下記のチェックの上、設定を変更されてる: emailPrintFacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinFlattr


TeX Live 2016 released

After long months of testing and waiting for the DVD production, we have released TeX Live 2016 today! Detailed changes can be found here, the most important ones are: LuaTeX is updated to 0.95...


TeX Live 2016 (pretest) hits Debian/unstable

The sources of TeX Live binaries are now (hopefully) frozen, and barring unpleasant surprises, these will be code going into the final release (one fix for luatex is coming, though). Thus, I thought it...


TeX Live 2016 pretest and Debian packages

Preparation for the release of TeX Live 2016 have started some time ago with the freeze of updates in TeX Live 2015. Yesterday we announced the official start of the pretest period. That means...


Debian/TeX Live full update 20160223

Only one week has passed since the update, and there is already a new one? The explanation is simple: consolidation of packages and preparation for 2016. The update comprises of uploads of texlive-base, texlive-lang,...


Debian/TeX Live 2015.20160215-1

About one month has passed and here is the usual updated of TeX Live packages for Debian. While I am not really calling for testers at the moment, building of preliminary packages for TeX...


Debian/TeX Live 2015.20160117-1 and biber 2.3-1

About one month has passed and here is the usual updated of TeX Live packages for Debian, this time also with an update to biber to accompany the updated version of biblatex. Nothing spectacular...


10 years TeX Live in Debian

I recently dug through my history of involvement with TeX (Live), and found out that in January there are a lot of “anniversaries” I should celebrate: 14 years ago I started building binaries for...


TeX Live security improvements

Today I committed a set of changes to the TeX Live subversion repository that should pave the way for better security handling in the future. Work is underway to use strong cryptographic signatures to...


Debian/TeX Live 2015.20151226-1

Before I disappear into the Japanese winter holidays, here the Christmas update of all TeX Live packages. Nothing spectacular here, just the usual bunch of updates of loads of packages. There is a bug...