TeX Live 2018 pretest started

Preparations for the release of TeX Live 2018 have started a few days ago with the freeze of updates in TeX Live 2017 and the announcement of the official start of the pretest period. That means that we invite people to test the new release and help fixing bugs.

This year there hasn’t seen any notorious changes but the usual updates to pdftex, xetex, luatex, and the addition of a luatex53 based on lua53, which will (probably) become the default in TeX Live 2019, and addition of a few architectures (musl based linux, aarch64-linux, nothing earth-shaking.

Please test and report bugs to our mailing list.


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  1. 2018/03/12

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  2. 2018/03/16

    […] Live 2017 has been frozen and we have entered into the preparation phase for the release of TeX Live 2018. Time to update also the Debian packages to the current […]

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