Debian/TeX Live 2017.20180103-1

The new year has arrived, but in the TeX world not much has changed – we still get daily updates in upstream TeX Live, and once a month I push them out to Debian. So here is roughly the last month of changes.

Interestingly enough everyone seems to be busy around December, so not too many updates compared to some other months. What did happen is that we re-include the TeX part of prerex, and fixed some missing scripts.


New packages

labelschanged, modernposter, pdfprivacy, pixelart, pm-isomath, scientific-thesis-cover, short-math-guide, textualicomma, thesis-gwu, tikz-karnaugh, timbreicmc, translator, xurl.

Updated packages

acmart, amiri, amscls, amscls-doc, aomart, beamer, beamerswitch, beebe, bib2gls, biblatex, biblatex-manuscripts-philology, biblatex-philosophy, bibtexperllibs, bidi, bnumexpr, bxjscls, citeall, crossreftools, crossrefware, ctan-o-mat, dejavu-otf, dox, dviasm, exam, factura, fixjfm, fmtcount, fontname, genealogytree, gfsdidot, graphics-def, gridslides, gtl, hecthese, hepthesis, hvfloat, hvindex, hyperxmp, ifxptex, jlreq, ku-template, l3build, l3experimental, l3kernel, l3packages, latex2nemeth, latexmk, limecv, lithuanian, lt3graph, lyluatex, macros2e, mcexam, mensa-tex, mfnfss, msu-thesis, multiexpand, musixtex, mwe, newtx, novel, optidef, overlays, phonenumbers, pixelart, pkgloader, platex, platex-tools, platexcheat, plex-otf, poemscol, prerex, pst-fractal, pst-node, pst-plot, pst-tools, pstricks, quran, randomwalk, rec-thy, reledmac, sasnrdisplay, scratch, scsnowman, siunitx, spectralsequences, spreadtab, svg, systeme, tetex, tex4ht, texdef, thuthesis, tikz-timing, tlshell, toptesi, uplatex, upmethodology, upzhkinsoku, witharrows, wordcount, xcharter, xepersian, xetex, xint, zebra-goodies.

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