Debian updates: CafeOBJ, Calibre, Html5-parser, LaTeXML, TeX Live

The last few days have seen a somehow quite unusual frenzy of uploads to Debian from my side. Mostly due to the fact that while doing my tax declaration (btw, a huge pain here in Japan) I needed some spare time and dedicated them to long overdue package maintenance work as well as some new request.

So what has happened (in alphabetic order):

  • CafeOBJ has been out of Debian/testing due to build errors on some platforms for quite some time. We (upstream) have fixed these incompatibilities which arose in minor version changes of SBCL, very disappointing. Anyway, we hope that the latest release of CafeOBJ will soon enter Debian/testing again.
  • Calibre gets the usual 2-3 weekly updates following upstream. Not much to report here – and in fact also not much work. There are a few items I still want to fix, in particular Rar support, but the maintainer of unrar, Martin Meredith is completely unresponsive, although I have submitted patches to reinstantiate the shared library. That means that CBR support etc is still missing from Debian’s Calibre.
  • Html5-parser is a support library for Calibre, which saw an update which I have finally packaged. I haven’t had any complications with the previous version, though.
  • LaTeXML hasn’t been updated in nearly 3 years in Debian, despite the fact that a new upstream is available for quite some time. I got contacted by upstream about this, and realized I had contact with the maintainer of LaTeXML back in 2015. He isn’t using and maintaining LaTeXML anymore, and kindly agreed that I take it over under the Debian TeX Maintainers umbrella. So I have updated the packaging for the new release.
  • TeX Live got the usual monthly update I reported about the other day.

I thought with all that done I can rest a bit and concentrate on my bread-job (software R&D engineer) or my sweets-job (Researcher in Mathematical Logic), but out of the blue a RC bug of the TeX Live packages just flew in. That will be another evening.


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  1. someone says:

    Have you considered switching Calibre to unar? It has DFSG-free support for recent RAR file format versions.

  1. 2018/02/28

    […] Debian updates: CafeOBJ, Calibre, Html5-parser, LaTeXML, TeX Live […]

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