Debian/TeX Live binaries update 2018.20180907.48586-1

A new set of TeX Live binaries has been uploaded to Debian, based on the Subversion status as of 7 September (rev 48586). Aim was mostly fixing a bug of (x)dvipdfm(x) introduced by a previous upload. But besides fixing this, it also brought the new version of dvisvgm (2.5) into Debian.

The last update of TeX Live binaries is not so long ago, but with it a bug in dvipdfmx creeped in and strange things happened with xetex compilations. Upstream had already fixed this one, so I decided to upload new set of binaries to Debian. At the same time, dvisvgm saw a version update to 2.5, which did produce a bit of complications and for getting it into Debian I first packaged the C version of xxHash (Debian QA package page).

The current sources also contain another cherry picked bug fix for dvipdfmx, but unfortunately I will have to stop now using the subversion tree as is, due to the inclusion of an intermediate luatex release I am not convinced I want to see in Debian before the proper release of TeX Live 2019. That means, from now on I have to cherry pick till the next TeX Live release.

As usual, please report problems to the Debian Bug Tracking System.


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