Debian/TeX Live updates 20180824

Exactly one month has passed since the last TeX Live for Debian update, so here we are with the usual bunch. Besides the usual updates to macros and font packages, this time I also uploaded a new set of binaries for TeX Live which incorporates several bug fixes to programs.

The version for the binary packages is 2018.20180824.48463-1 and is based on svn revision 48463 up from revision 48169 of the last set. That means we get: new version of dvisvgm, fixes to synctex including the API version bump, new versions of opendetex, various fixes for dvipdfmx, some fixes for the ptex family programs.

The version of the macro/font packages is 2018.20180824-1 and contains the usual menu listed below.

Please enjoy.

New packages

beamertheme-npbt, businesscard-qrcode, clrstrip, inline-images, mathfont, plautopatch, returntogrid, tikz-network, ucsmonograph, worksheet, xfakebold.

Updated packages

abnt, alegreya, animate, apxproof, beamer, beamertheme-focus, bib2gls, biblatex-gb7714-2015, biblatex-ieee, bibleref, bidi, bxjscls, chemfig, context-filter, context-vim, datetime2-magyar, datetime2-norsk, datetime2-polish, datetime2-portuges, ducksay, dynkin-diagrams, etoolbox, factura, fetchbibpes, fira, fontawesome5, fontools, fontspec, gbt7714, gentombow, glossaries-extra, hyphen-base, hyphen-bulgarian, hyphen-indic, hyph-utf8, invoice, jlreq, knowledge, kpfonts, l3build, latexindent, latexmk, lettrine, libertinus-otf, lshort-chinese, lualatex-truncate, luatexja, luatexko, marginfit, marginnote, mathastext, multirow, musixtex, nicematrix, nidanfloat, pgf-blur, phonenumbers, platex, plautopatch, plex, proofread, pst-poker, ptex-base, pxrubrica, qcircuit, register, sapthesis, schule, schwalbe-chess, subfiles, tagpdf, tcolorbox, thesis-gwu, turabian-formatting, ucsmonograph, unicode-math, uplatex, witharrows, xepersian, xetexko, xfakebold.

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