Debian/TeX Live full update 20160223

Only one week has passed since the last Debian/TeX Live update, and there is already a new one? The explanation is simple: consolidation of packages and preparation for 2016. The update comprises of uploads of texlive-base, texlive-lang, texlive-extra, texlive-bin, musixtex, pmx, m-tx, xmltex, jadetex. Besides the usual changes it brings a merge back in of several hitherto separately packaged packages.

Debian - TeX Live 2015

The details are as follows:

  • Music related packages (musixtex, pmx, m-tx) have been merged into texlive-music, and temporary upgrade packages for the old packages have been uploaded
  • HTML/SGML/XML related packages (jadetex, xmltex) have been merged into the new package texlive-htmlxml, and temporary upgrade packages for the old ones have been uploaded

Furthermore, since some packages ship binaries, texlive-bin has been updated to build the new binaries, too.

Lots of changes, but in the long run I see less work and better upgrades. Especially keeping the music-related packages uptodate was a bit a pain, and using the standard TeX Live update mechanisms looks much more promising.

And, not to forget, a few more new and updated packages:

New packages

bibletext, cochineal, hyphen-occitan, libertinegc, lroundrect, miama, mparrows, scrlttr2copy, visualpstricks.

Updated packages

animate, babel-friulan, babel-russian, bxjscls, caption, celtic, cmtiup, crimson, crossrefware, droit-fr, dvips, fibeamer, fira, fithesis, forest, geschichtsfrkl, gost, hobby, hyperxmp, hyphen-base, hyph-utf8, inconsolata, ipaex-type1, mcf2graph, media9, reledmac, roundrect, showhyphens, spath3, splitindex, unicode-data.


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