Debian/TeX Live 2015.20160215-1

About one month has passed and here is the usual updated of TeX Live packages for Debian. While I am not really calling for testers at the moment, building of preliminary packages for TeX Live 2016 has begone. The binaries are already uploaded to experimental, and arch=all packages for experimental will follow soon.

Debian - TeX Live 2015

As with the last time, here is the list of new and updated pacakges with (auto-generated) links to the package pages on CTAN.

New packages

adtrees, babel-occitan, crimson, emisa, glossaries-extra, gloss-occitan, libertinus, luatex-def, mynsfc, nihbiosketch, signchart, smartunits, tikz-feynman, uhrzeit, xduthesis.

Updated packages

achemso, acro, animate, apnum, archaeologie, babel, babel-french, babel-greek, babel-macedonian, bangorcsthesis, biblatex-bookinarticle, biblatex-gost, biblatex-manuscripts-philology, br-lex, caption, chemgreek, chemmacros, chemnum, cmtiup, csplain, csquotes, ctanify, ctex, cweb, datatool, datetime2, datetime2-english, delimseasy, droit-fr, dvips, erewhon, exsheets, fibeamer, fira, fontspec, forest, geschichtsfrkl, glossaries, graphics, greek-fontenc, greektonoi, hyph-utf8, inconsolata, isodoc, l2tabu, l3build, l3experimental, l3kernel, l3packages, latex, latex-bin, latex-make, leadsheets, leaflet, luaotfload, luatexja, mathastext, mcf2graph, mcmthesis, media9, metrix, mhchem, ndsu-thesis, newpx, newtx, ocgx2, pas-tableur, pdftex, pdfx, pict2e, pst-perspective, pstricks, pstricks-add, ptex, quran, ran_toks, realscripts, schemata, showhyphens, siunitx, sr-vorl, sttools, tempora, tetex, tex4ht, texfot, texlive-scripts, thinsp, thuthesis, tkz-orm, tools, uantwerpendocs, ulthese, unicode-data, uptex, xassoccnt, xcjk2uni, xebaposter, xecjk, xetex, xetexko, xltxtra, xpinyin, zhnumber, zhspacing.


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