Debian/TeX Live 2015.20160320-1 and biber 2.4-1

About one month has passed and here is the usual updated of TeX Live packages for Debian, this time also with an update to biber to accompany the updated version of biblatex. This will be (probably) the last upload before TeX Live 2015 gets frozen in preparation for 2016. After the freeze there will be some time of piece, and updates will got to experimental with the new binaries.

Debian - TeX Live 2015

From the list of updated and new packages I want to mention that biblatex has been updated together with biber, and most biblatex styles should already by updated to work with the new biblatex, too.

From the new packages one has in particular caught my attention: prooftrees. As I am writing a lot of proofs in my research, I am happy to see new package dealing with this, especially because this package is built on top of the excellent package forest (which in turn uses tikz), allowing for very compact proofs.

Updated packages

aastex, abntex2, academicons, acro, amsmath, animate, archaeologie, asciilist, babel, babel-french, babel-friulan, babel-russian, babel-spanish, beamertheme-metropolis, bibexport, biblatex, biblatex-apa, biblatex-bookinarticle, biblatex-caspervector, biblatex-chem, biblatex-fiwi, biblatex-gost, biblatex-manuscripts-philology, biblatex-nature, biblatex-philosophy, biblatex-phys, biblatex-publist, biblatex-realauthor, biblatex-science, bxjscls, cabin, caption, cbfonts-fd, celtic, chemmacros, computational-complexity, crimson, csplain, datetime2-english, diagbox, disser, droit-fr, dtk, dvips, ejpecp, emisa, factura, fibeamer, fithesis, forest, gost, hobby, hyperxmp, inconsolata, lualatex-math, mandi, mcf2graph, media9, nameauth, ocgx2, parades, pdftex, pkuthss, poetrytex, ptex, reledmac, roundrect, showhyphens, siunitx, spath3, splitindex, suftesi, tcolorbox, tetex, tex4ht, texinfo, texlive-scripts, thuthesis, titlesec, turabian-formatting, unicode-data, uptex, velthuis, venndiagram, xassoccnt, xint, xsavebox.

New packages

beamercolorthemeowl, bibletext, cochineal, formation-latex-ul, gobble, keyvaltable, lroundrect, luatex85, mathpartir, miama, multidef, parades, pgfornament, prooftrees, visualpstricks, visualtikz, xsavebox, ycbook.


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