Slick Google Map 0.3 released

I just have pushed a new version of the Slick Google Map plugin for WordPress to the servers. There are not many changes, but a crucial fix for parsing coordinates in DMS (degree-minute-second) format.


The documentation described that all kind of DMS formats can be used to specify a location, but these DMS encoded locations were sent to Google for geocoding. Unfortunately it seems Google is incapable of handling DMS formats, and returns slightly of coordinates. By using a library for DMS conversion, which I adapted slightly, it is now possible to use a wide variety of location formats. Practically everything that can reasonably interpreted as a location will be properly converted to decimal coordinates.

Plans for the next release are:

  • prepare for translation via the WordPress translation team
  • add html support for the marker text via uuencoding

Please see the dedicated page or the WordPress page for more details and downloads.


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  1. Martin says:

    Just out of curiosity: Could it support OSM, too? TIA!

  1. 2015/11/30

    […] Slick Google Map 0.3 released […]

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