CafeOBJ 1.5.4 released

Yesterday we have released CafeOBJ 1.5.4 with a long list of changes, and many more internal changes. Documentation pages have been updated with the latest reference manual (PDF, Html) as well as some new docs on CITP (in Japanese for now) and tutorials.


To quote from our README:

CafeOBJ is a new generation algebraic specification and programming language. As a direct successor of OBJ, it inherits all its features (flexible mix-fix syntax, powerful typing system with sub-types, and sophisticated module composition system featuring various kinds of imports, parameterised modules, views for instantiating the parameters, module expressions, etc.) but it also implements new paradigms such as rewriting logic and hidden algebra, as well as their combination.


Changes since the last release are as follows

  • CITP changes
    • new commands :ctf- and :csp-
    • new command :def(ine) to turn :ctf(-) and :csp(-) into proper tactics for :apply
    • new tactics nf, ct
  • improvements in the online help system
  • bug fixes in AC rewriting
  • small changes in the set of abbreviations of the Emacs mode
  • module system: require/provide can use Perl style :: separators to load modules from the libpath and its sub-directories
  • term inspection (binspect) to analyze xor terms


Binary packages for Windows, MacOS, and Linux have been built, and can be found at the CafeOBJ download page. The source code can also be found on the download page, or directly from here: cafeobj-1.5.4.tar.gz.

The CafeOBJ Debian package has been updated and is already included in Debian/sid.

Macports file has also been updated, please see the above download/install page for details how to add our sources to your macport.

Bug reports

If you find a bug, have suggestions, or complains, please open an issue at the issue tracker for CafeOBJ.

For other inquiries, please use

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