Recent silence – scientific freak weeks

If you wonder why it was so silent here over the last weeks, there is a simple explanation: I am on scientific freak weeks 😉 As you might know, in my main profession I am logician, mathematician, computer scientist at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (btw, searching urgently for a new job, in case someone is interested!!!).


The last weeks have been very busy with attenting and presenting at LICS 2015 (Logic in Computer Science), followed by a workshop on Proofs as Processes organized by myself, then a presentation at CCA 2015 (Conference on Computability and Complexity in Analysis), and now working with visitors on our hyper natural deduction system. Above all that, there is also my lecture on Logical Decision Procedures at JAIST that a colleague and I a creating on the fly.

All in all a very busy July, but I hope that after the weekend, and another workshop at JAIST, things settle down around beginning of August.

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