PiwigoPress release 2.30

I just pushed a new release of PiwigoPress (main page, WordPress plugin dir) to the WordPress servers. This release incorporates some new features, mostly contributed by Anton Lavrov (big thanks!)


The new features are:

  • Shortcode: multiple ids can be specified, including ranges (not supported in the shortcode generator)
  • Display of image name/title: in addition to the description, also the name/title can be displayed. Here three possible settings can be choosen: 0 – never show titles (default as before), 1 – always show titles, and ‘auto’ – show only titles that do not look like auto-generated titles. (supported in the shortcode generator)

I also checked that the plugin runs with the soon to be released WordPress 4.3, and fixed a small problem with the setting of ‘albumpicture’ not being saved.

That’s all, enjoy, and leave your wishlist items and complains at the issue tracker on the github project piwigopress.

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    […] PiwigoPress release 2.30 […]

  2. 2015/07/27

    […] PiwigoPress release 2.30 […]

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