tlptexlive 2013

TeX Live 2013TeX Live 2013のリリースから時間が経ったけど、ようやくtlptexliveのリポシトリを更新した。更新されてる点は下記にとおりだ。

  • dvipdfmx: papersize fixes (svn r31398, report)
  • dvips: BoundingBox in vertical mode (svn r31350, report)
  • potential bug in ptexenc (svn r30905)
  • e-(u)pTeX pdffilemoddate primitive (svn r30897)

それと、前に含まれているペッケージは今もう入っている:pmetapost, hiraprop


  • x86_64-linux, i386-linux, i386-netbsd, x86_64-darwin: ptex, uptex, dvipdfmx, dvips, pxdvi, (u)pmetapost
  • 他のバイナリ: pxdvi

tlmgr repository add tlptexlive
tlmgr pinning add tlptexlive '*'
tlmgr install pxdvi pmetapost
tlmgr update --all


texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf -> ../../texmf-dist/web2c/texmf.cnf

これから前のTeX Liveリリースの対応しているtlptexliveのURLが変わった:

  • TeX Live 2011:
  • TeX Live 2012:
  • TeX Live 2013:


[updated 2013-08-19]

6 Responses

  1. kuroky says:

    I would like to distribute, by DVD, the whole tlnet directory mixed both official TeX Live repository and your tlptexlive repository. Is it possible and/or under your consideration?

  2. kuroky says:

    I’ve just add comment to ptexlive wiki page, because it seems not to reflect my comments in this reply area.

  3. kuroky says:

    Ah, not just we wget your repository and override files, but we need merge tlpdb! If you could make the script, I want to use it.

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