I always thought that leaders are humble, not like opening a blog post with I am a leader in free software. – Molly de Blanc, renumeration Seems I am from a different era.

Inquisition is back 4

Inquisition is back

Times long past are back: anonymous complaints, closed courts, opaque decisions, denial of redress, denial of communications. Brave New World


On Lars Wirzenius, Fun, and Debian

Some time ago I got flamed by Lars Wirzenius, because I dared to write on my blog The last point by Linus is what I criticize most on Debian nowdays, it has become a...

Sharp did it again 4

Sharp did it again

I have written about a certain S. Sharp (formerly Sarah, now Sage) and their attacks on Linus. As everyone knows by now, the Linux Kernel Team has decided to adopt a Code of Conduct...