Brave broken (on Debian?)

Update a few hours later: an update came in, version 1.7.62, which fixed this misbehavior!!!!

I have been using the Brave browser now for many months without any problem, in particular I use the -dev version, which is rather on the edge of development. Unfortunately, either due to Linux kernel changes (I am using the latest stable kernel, at the moment 5.5.9) or due to Brave changes, the browser has become completely unusable: CPU spikes consistently to 100% and more, and the dev browser tries to upload crash reports every 5sec.

The problem is shown in the kernel log as

traps: brave[36513] trap invalid opcode ip:55d4e0cb1895 sp:7ffc4b08ff00 error:0 in brave[55d4dfe01000+78e5000]

I have checked older versions, as well as beta versions, all of them exhibit the same problem. I have disabled all extensions, without any change in behavior. I also have reported this problem in the Brave community forum, without any answer. This means, for now I have to switch back to Firefox, which works smoothly.

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