Okular and restoration of tabs (plus Debian packages)

I have the need to restore my okular tab setup on restart, since I often have quite a lot of pdfs open to view at the same time. Unfortunately, the current okular doesn’t provide this feature. There is a merge request by one of the main authors of okular, but it doesn’t work for me in a stand-alone setup, that is not running KDE but only Okular. I developed a much simpler fix for the restoration problem (because most of the code is already there!), see this merge request, which – although not perfect for sure – does the trick for me.

I have recently updated Okular for Debian in my private repository, which maybe has triggered an update of the maintainers of Okular to update the package in the main repository, too. Thanks a lot to the maintainers for their work. But since it does not contain my own tab-restore patches, I still provide NMU versioned Okular packages in my private repo:

deb https://www.preining.info/debian unstable main
deb-src https://www.preining.info/debian unstable main

and the git changes to it in this git repo.


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  1. mirabilos says:

    okular (4:19.12.3-1) is now in unstable (19 entered on 2nd March 2020).

    • Have you actually read the post? I know that it has entered sid, but I want tab restoration which is not in the Debian version. My packages contain my own food for the tab restoration. And I’m happy with that 😉

  2. Mark E. Kosmowski says:

    Has Okular session management been upstreamed by Debian, Okular or, really, anyone?

    Does your package allow for the saving/loading of multiple sessions?


    • Sorry, I am not sure about the current status. I have switched to use KDE/Plasma as my DE – and here no changes to okular are necessary for session management, it all simply works. It seems that using okular in a different DE session restoration etc might be problematic, but as said, haven’t tried since long now.

      • Parker Reed says:

        I’m in Plasma right now and upon closing a window with multiple tabs I get the warning that there are tabs and to confirm. Relaunching just opens a blank slate. Is there a setting I’m missing somehwere?

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