QOwnNotes for Debian

QOwnNotes is a cross-platform plain text and markdown note taking application. By itself, it wouldn’t be something to talk about, we have vim and emacs and everything in between. But QOwnNotes integrates nicely with the Notes application from NextCloud and OwnCloud, as well as providing useful integration with NextCloud like old version of notes, access to deleted files, watching changes, etc.

The program is written using Qt and contains, besides language files and desktop entries only one binary. There is a package in a PPA for Ubuntu, so it was a breeze to package, converting the cdbs packaging from the ppa to debhelper on the way.

See this post for the new location of binaries!

Source packages and amd64 binaries for sid/testing and buster are available at
The git repository is als available.


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  1. Jonathan says:

    This does look useful, thanks! I am reminded I need to update my Owncloud instance (and/or migrate to Nextcloud). Do you have any plans to upload this to Debian itself? (I am reminded we package neither *cloud server in Debian at the moment)

    • Hi Jonathan,
      yes, upgrading to nextcloud is probably a good idea, but I don’t want to go into a fight over own vs next ;-).

      Concerning upload to Debian, not sure about that. I am sick of a large group including the government of Debian, so package what I use for myself and my servers, but refrain from contributing more than necessary to the general. The git repository is there, anyone is free to (ab)use it in whatever way.

    • Hi Patrizio
      first of all thanks for your great program and all the work you are putting into it!!!!
      Concerning the build, there are a few reasons for me: One is that as far as I can see, the repository you provide is for Ubuntu, and thus there might be a version twist (in particular starting from this month when the import freeze from Debian to Ubuntu happens). It is also not so straight-forward to use a PPA on Debian, at least afair.
      I see now that the build service on OpenSUSE also has builds for Debian/buster, but the one for unstable (testing) failed.
      Furthermore, I switched the build system to a much simpler code (just dh 12 qmake build system).

      But yes, strictly speaking it is not necessary, but I found it more convenient for me to do it myself.

      All the best


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