TLCockpit v1.0

Today I released v1.0 of TLCockpit, the GUI front-end for the TeX Live Manager tlmgr.

If you are looking for a general introduction to TLCockpit, please see the blog introducing it. Here I only want to introduce the changes made since the last announcement here:

  • copyable information: The package information window didn’t allow to copy text from it, which has been fixed as far as possible.
  • placeholders: Add placeholders to tables when they are empty.
  • Cygwin support: Thanks to lots of debugging and support from Ken Brown we now support running on Cygwin
  • Java version checks: Java previous to version 8 are not supported and the program bails out. For Java later than version 8 we give a warning since in most cases it will not run due to ScalaFX incompatibilities.
CTAN and will soon be available via tlmgr update. As usual, please use the issue page of the github project to report problems.


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