Debian/TeX Live 2018.20180505-1

The first big bunch of updates of TeX Live 2018. During the freeze for DVD production, several bugs have been found and fixed. In particular compatibility of csqoutes with the shiny new LaTeX release, as well as some other related fixes. That hopefully will fix most if not all build failures that were introduced with the TL2018 upload.

I guess there will be some bad bugs still lurking around, but now that regular updates of TeX Live are done again on a daily basis, they should be fixed rather soon.


New packages

bath-bst, bezierplot, cascade, citeref, clrdblpg, colophon, competences, dsserif, fduthesis, includernw, kurdishlipsum, latex-via-exemplos, libertinus-otf, manyind, milsymb, modulus, musikui, stix2-otf, stix2-type1.

Updated packages

academicons, acmart, adjustbox, aleph, apnum, archaeologie, asymptote, asymptote.x86_64-linux, babel, babel-french, babel-ukrainian, beamerposter, bib2gls, biblatex-gb7714-2015, biblatex-publist, bibtexperllibs, bxjscls, caption, chngcntr, cleveref, colortbl, context-filter, context-handlecsv, context-vim, cooking-units, cslatex, csquotes, ctex, datatool, datetime2-estonian, datetime2-greek, datetime2-hebrew, datetime2-icelandic, datetime2-ukrainian, dccpaper, doclicense, exercisebank, factura, findhyph, fithesis, fonts-tlwg, gbt7714, genealogytree, glossaries-extra, graph35, gzt, handin, hecthese, hyph-utf8, hyphen-bulgarian, hyphen-german, hyphen-latin, hyphen-thai, ifmtarg, jlreq, ketcindy, koma-script-examples, l3kernel, l3packages, langsci, latex, latex-bin, latex2e-help-texinfo, latexindent, latexpand, libertinus, libertinust1math, lshort-german, ltximg, lua-check-hyphen, luamplib, luaotfload, luatexko, lwarp, lyluatex, m-tx, make4ht, marginnote, markdown, mathalfa, newtx, newunicodechar, nicematrix, novel, nwejm, pgfornament-han, pgfplots, pkgloader, platex, plex-otf, polexpr, polyglossia, pst-func, pstricks, regexpatch, reledmac, roboto, robustindex, siunitx, siunitx, skdoc, stix, t2, tetex, tex4ebook, tex4ht, texdef, texdoc, texlive-cz, texlive-sr, thuthesis, tikzsymbols, tools, univie-ling, updmap-map, uplatex, xcharter, xecjk, xellipsis, xetex, xetexko, yathesis, zhlipsum, zxjafont, zxjatype.

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