Debian/TeX Live 2015.20160117-1 and biber 2.3-1

About one month has passed and here is the usual updated of TeX Live packages for Debian, this time also with an update to biber to accompany the updated version of biblatex. Nothing spectacular here besides fixes for some broken links of fonts.

Debian - TeX Live 2015

As a bonus this time, I provide (auto-generated) links to the packages on CTAN, so that one can check the package descriptions and manuals.

Updated packages

academicons, acro, apnum, babel, babel-french, babel-icelandic, babel-spanish, babel-vietnamese, bclogo, biblatex, bibtexperllibs, calxxxx-yyyy, chemformula, chemgreek, chess-problem-diagrams, chickenize, cjk-gs-integrate, cmcyr, csplain, datatool, dvips, embrac, enotez, etex-pkg, fibeamer, fithesis, invoice, isodoc, l3kernel, latexdiff, luamplib, mathastext, mcf2graph, media9, nameauth, newpx, newtx, newtxsf, nucleardata, paralist, pdftex, pgfplots, pict2e, pmxchords, prftree, ptex, reledmac, schwalbe-chess, siunitx, tempora, tetex, tex4ht, texinfo, texlive-cz, texlive-docindex, texlive-scripts, thalie, thuthesis, tkz-orm, uantwerpendocs, unicode-data, xassoccnt, xespotcolor.

New packages

continue, ecobiblatex, econometrics, getitems, librebodoni, lshort-estonian, moodle, nimbus15, seuthesix, uantwerpendocs.


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