Debian/TeX Live 2015.20150703-1

The first upload of new packages after TeX Live 2015 hit unstable. Against my expectations, the bugs didn’t come in in the thousands, more or less there were only some fixes necessary in the binary package, which lead to a few updates over the last week. This upload fixes an RC bug (missing replaces), and also takes a step further in the Debianization of the packages: I finally removed texconfig and texlinks programs, as they are not useful on Debian, and should actually not be used.

Debian - TeX Live 2015

Besides a few other fixes, of course there was the usual chore of package updates.

Updated packages

babel-french, biblatex-fiwi, biblatex-opcit-booktitle, c90, chemformula, chemgreek, cjkutils, ctex, curve2e, dozenal, eledmac, elements, enotez, garuda-c90, koma-script, l3build, latex, leadsheets, norasi-c90, pkuthss, poemscol, pstricks, pst-solides3d, siunitx, termmenu, texlive-scripts, tudscr, upmethodology, xindy.

New packages

arabi-add, br-lex.


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