Plex Home Theater 1.4.1 for Debian Jessie and Sid

Recently Plex Plex Home Theater was updated to 1.4.1 with fixes for some errors, in particular concerning the new music handling introduced in 1.4.0. As with 1.4.0, I have compiled PHT for both jessie and sid, both for amd64 and i386.



Add the following lines to your sources.list:

deb jessie pht
deb-src jessie pht

You can also grab the binary for amd64 directly here for amd64 and i386, you can get the source package with



Add the following lines to your sources.list:

deb sid pht
deb-src sid pht

You can also grab the binary for amd64 directly here for amd64 and i386, you can get the source package with


The release file and changes file are signed with my official Debian key 0x860CDC13.


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  1. sobkas says:

    So how it compares to XBMC?

  2. sobkas says:

    And again it crops up:
    /tmp/buildd/plexhometheater-1.4.1/xbmc/peripherals/devices/PeripheralCecAdapter.cpp: In member function ‘void PERIPHERALS::CPeripheralCecAdapter::SetConfigurationFromSettings()’:
    /tmp/buildd/plexhometheater-1.4.1/xbmc/peripherals/devices/PeripheralCecAdapter.cpp:1382:19: error: ‘CEC::libcec_configuration {aka struct CEC::libcec_configuration}’ has no member named ‘iDoubleTapTimeoutMs’
    m_configuration.iDoubleTapTimeoutMs = GetSettingInt(“double_tap_timeout_ms”);

  3. sobkas says:

    there is I think a bug in fix-cec patch, instead of
    m_configuration.iDoubleTapTimeout50Ms = 50 / GetSettingInt(“double_tap_timeout_ms”);
    it should be:
    m_configuration.iDoubleTapTimeout50Ms = GetSettingInt(“double_tap_timeout_ms”) / 50;
    From libcec source code:
    uint8_t iDoubleTapTimeout50Ms; /*!< prevent double taps withing this timeout, in units of 50ms. defaults to 200ms (value:
    4). added in 2.0.0

    so divide by 50, not divide 50

    Also I doesn't like that whole pms thing, so I staying with kodi

    • Hi Sobkas,

      the libcec patch is *not* enabled in the build, see debian/patches/series. The reason is that stock Debian comes with an old version of libcec, unless you install the version from experimental or Marrilat.

      Thanks for the fix for the patch, though. In case Debian moves to libcec2 I will include that.

      Concerning PMS: Well, staying with Kodi is a good alternative. I enjoy watching my stuff even while being on travel, somewhere in a hotel, or listening to my music when at work. That is something that Kodi cannot manage by now.

      Also a decent iOS app with ChromeCast support, etc etc. It boils down to your consumation preferences.

  4. sobkas says:

    It’s also in unstable:
    2.2.0+dfsg1-3 0
    501 unstable/main amd64 Packages
    2.2.0+dfsg1-2 0
    501 experimental/main amd64 Packages
    2.1.4-2 0
    500 testing/main amd64 Packages

    Do you think this patch would work?

  5. sobkas says:

    it should be in cec headers

  6. Fred says:


    I successfully created a .deb for the Raspberry PI 2, after fighting against a “fast_memcpy” unresolved symbol issue (and some beginner issues about creating a .deb from source but that’s another story). Unfortunately, running it on XFCE is very very slow, probably a driver issue but I didn’t found a solution.

    Here is the deb if someone is interested:

    Just use:

    sudo pkg -i plexhometheater_1.4.1-1~bpo8+1_armhf.deb

    to install it.

  7. Grey says:

    W: Failed to fetch Unable to find expected entry ‘pht//source/Sources’ in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)

  8. Hello
    I installed plexhometheater , however could not find any init scripts to start.

    Could you please tell me how to configure and start plex?

    PS Thank you for the deb.

    • This is not a server, not the Plex Media Server. You find PHT in the normal start menu of your desktop environment.

      If you want to run it in Kiosk mode (without any other program available) you beed to write a sys init script I guess. But for sure there are already some to be found in the plex forums.

      I might add a script to the doc dir if I find one.

  9. Ok thanks for the info , I thought this was server software. no need for a script.

  10. Chester says:

    Hi could you please provide me with steps on installing Plex Home Theater on Raspbian Jessie with Pixel.

    I have a plex server running already just need the client installed.

    Dont want to run rasplex as i would still want to mess around with my raspberry pi 3.

    Assistance would be much appreciated. First time raspberry user.

  1. 2015/05/26

    […] Plex Home Theater 1.4.1 for Debian Jessie and Sid […]

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