A Tribute to Discomfort

Stop doing what you are doing! Stop it, NOW! Here it is, I have never, absolutely never seen something as similar to what I am thinking before. The whole point summed up into one sentence:

Adventure is anything that puts us outside of comfort zone. In my world that has been always been going into the mountains.

It is the essence of why I am living, and doing what I am doing. I am far from as adventurous as Cory Richards, far as good a climber as he, but I believe I completely understand his motivation, every second I am in the mountains it is this very feeling.

Please, get out of comfort zone! No need to go to the mountains, but get out of it. There is only one way to learn. And don’t forget another quote of him

I mean, life is fun!

Thanks Cory Richards, a great photographer and alpinist, and adventurer of the year 2012 of National Geographic, for this great piece.

Watching this short movie made me laugh, cry, and feel happy to be on earth, now, here! Enjoy!

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