Tails 1.2.1, Debian jessie installer, System Rescue CD on USB

Back in May I posted here on how to set up a usb stick with Debian/jessie installer, System Reschue CD and Tails. Since then several new versions of Tails and SystemRescueCD have been released, and the release of Jessie is closing in. So I rechecked my instructions and found that they still work as expected. So please, make sure to update your USB stick, your privacy will thank you for that!


To repeat my wishlist:

  • boots into Tails and SystemRescueCD
  • boots on both EFI and legacy systems
  • uses the full size of the USB stick (user data!)
  • allows installation of Debian
  • if possible, preserve already present user data on the stick

The links to the latest releases are here:

For the actual procedure, please see this article.

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