TeX Live/Debian – complete update (binaries and packages) 9/2014

After a long business trip to Europe, here a big round of updates for all of TeX Live/Debian. Besides updating the usual bunch of packages from CTAN, this upload also brings a new set of binaries.

TeX Live/Debian

After painful rounds of tests of upgrades from stable and sid, and fighting with stupid lintian errors, the packages are finally of to the servers, and should arrive at end users over the next days.

Updates of binaries

As mentioned in this post, I have been trying to keep up with TeX Live source development. After a few rounds of uploads to experimental, and about 2 months of testing on my own computer, I have now uploaded the current state of the TeX Live subversion sources to Debian/sid. These sources will be part of TeX Live/2015, still far away, but there are already a few changes that were impossible to backport to the current sources:

  • dvipdfmx: support for CID-keyed OpenType fonts, improvements CFF/OpenType fonts, support for jpeg 2000, DVI-IVD like reflection in XeTeX
  • XeTeX: new version, reflection support, cleaner font handling
  • MetaPOST: new version 1.999 with inclusion of ‘binary’ numbersystem, adaption of pMetaPOST and upMetaPOST

Updated packages

animate, answers, assoccnt, babel, babel-croatian, babel-french, babel-greek, babel-hungarian, bangorcsthesis, biblatex-chicago, biblatex-true-citepages-omit, bidi, blox, breqn, bundledoc, carlito, catoptions, collref, courier, dtk, dvips, dynblocks, eledmac, exsheets, exsol, facture, fbb, getmap, glossaries, greek-fontenc, greek-inputenc, guitarchordschemes, hyperxmp, IEEEtran, l3build, l3experimental, l3kernel, l3packages, latex, latex-tds, ledmac, lettre, lettrine, listings, lshort-spanish, lt3graph, luatexja, media9, ot-tableau, pas-tableur, pdftex, pgfmolbio, pkgloader, poetrytex, pst2pdf, pst-3dplot, pst-exa, pst-plot, pst-poly, pstricks, pst-solides3d, pst-spirograph, ptex, reflectgraphics, schule, sidenotes, siunitx, tcolorbox, testhyphens, times, tools, toptesi, uadocs, udesoftec, upmethodology, xepersian, xetex-itrans, xq, zhnumber.

New packages

afparticle, almfixed, beamerdarkthemes, bidi-atbegshi, bidipresentation, bnumexpr, dad, dantelogo, drm, ebgaramond-maths, gitinfo2, graphbox, pressrelease, qrcode, sclang-prettifier.

Enjoy. And please report bugs and problems to the appropriate places, that is, in most cases the original author, and not the Debian BTS, nor TeX Live upstream, but – again – the original author of the package making problems.

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