TeX Live/Debian – new binaries in experimental

TeX Live has a yearly release schedule, and while normal packages are updated on a daily basis, updates to binaries are not done during one year. But development continues in our TeX Live svn repository, and since the release of TeX Live 2014 several things have changed. To make sure that new binaries can be build at any time, I am trying to keep our Debian repositories in tune with the changes in upstream TeX Live sources.

TeX Live/Debian

In our texlive-bin git repository, I have created a branch experimental, injected the current svn sources of TeX Live, fixed and updated the patches (big thanks to Hironori Kitagawa for fixing the [u]pmpost patches), and made a new release targeting the experimental suite of Debian.

There have been many changes in lots of places, I list only those I can remember and that I consider important:

  • dvipdfmx: support for CID-keyed OpenType fonts, improvements CFF/OpenType fonts, support for jpeg 2000, DVI-IVD like reflection in XeTeX
  • XeTeX: new version, reflection support, cleaner font handling
  • MetaPOST: new version 1.999 with inclusion of ‘binary’ numbersystem, adaption of pMetaPOST and upMetaPOST

The packages are released under the version number 2014.20140825.35035-1, and are available in the experimental suite.

I have tested them on my running system, and as far as I am concerned I didn’t see any problems with running them on top of current sid.


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