Movie: Now You See Me

Yesterday evening we watched a movie rented over at GEO, which to my surprise was quite funny. It is “Now You See Me” (offical website, Wikipedia, IMdB).


Turning around four gifted magicians that pull of a coup planned by a fifth (anonymous magician) robbing a bank, stealing a safe filled with money from a safe manufacturer, and bringing a guy into prison.

Cut in a very dynamic way, with lots of rolling cameras and flashy cuts, the movie’s plot is involved and leaves you wondering about who is who. The crew seemingly consists of famous people (but I only knew Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine), acting is slick and fashionable, someone quoted it as “Ocean’s Eleven” for the current generation.

I actually enjoyed the movie as a relaxed Sunday evening program, accompanied by some good sake and tsumami. Not that it is intellectually stimulating, but sometimes also my brains enjoys a break.

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