25 years of Tiananmen Square Massacre

This night, 25 years ago, Chinese troops stormed the Tiananmen square, assaulting peaceful protesters who had gathered here over the previous two weeks, causing casualities, injuries, and above all lost hopes.


Lost hopes for a better future, lost hopes for democracy. 25 years have passed, but the hopes are still dead. Lulled into obedience by economic growth and consumist life style, the majority of Chinese population is more concerned about different things. Also because the fear is still great. International sanctions were minimal, verbal protest the strongest. But political cuddling continued soon after.


Let us commemorate this dark day, the sad day. And pray for those who lost their lives, lost their future, their family. And also pray that China will remember this forever, and at some point find the courage to apologize, and change.


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  1. OPANDA says:

    I was there, 25years ago.

    • OPANDAさん、僕の言葉がなくなりました。そこいるのは、想像できません。僕はテレビ等の情報だけ聞きましたが、苦しい時間でした。

      • OPANDA says:

        天安門近くまで見学行ったら機関銃で掃射(威嚇と思うけど)され、逃げてるうちにパスポート落として、大使館で「帰国のための渡航書」と言うモノを発行して貰いJALの特別便で逃げ帰りました。  ・・・だから中国の友人を信じることはできても、中国政府は絶対にX  良い勉強になりました  だからこんなに長く中国との仕事が続いているのかも  詳しくは次回クライミング時に(^(エ)^)ノ 

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