Visit to Bath, UK

During our visit to Swansea we made a side trip to Bath, as I was invited to give a lecture at Bath University. Before returning we had a bit of time for sightseeing in one of the most posh cities in the UK. Since it is also inscribed as a whole into the list of World Heritage Sites, everything there is priceless, or at least very expensive.

River through Bath

One of the famous spots is the Royal Crescent, a half circle of Victorian houses up in the hills. Seems a bit like the Imperial palace in Vienna. Of course I couldn’t resist having a nice dance there.

Norbert making fun of the Royal Crescent

The Bath Abbey has an interesting facade of people climbing up long stairs, left and right of the central window. This should probably give a feeling of the hardships one has to undertake to reach heaven!

The front face of the cathedral in Bath - most funny the people climbing up the ladders on both side of the glass window

The ceiling has a very nice geometrical form, reminded me of my linear algebra lessons back at university.

The ceiling of the cathedral in Bath, interesting and very mathematical structure

But the most famous spot in Bath are the Roman baths. The city, under the Latin name Aquae Sulis, is known since about 2000 years, when the temple near the hot springs was build, followed by permanent extensions of the bathing complex over 300 years.

Roman bath and Cathedral

The hot spring is running since ancient times, unfortunately the baths are not open anymore for public bathing, only public visiting. I thought about stumbling into the bath with my cloth on to be able to say I took a dip there, but concerning the temperatures outside I decided against it.

One of the ditches that feed the hot water into the Roman bath

Before returning the sunlight bathed Bath in beautiful colors. Nice place to visit, maybe I come back to the University sooner or later.

Late afternoon light before returning

A few more photos are available at the photo album Visit to Bath November 2013.

3 Responses

  1. Sarah Forbes says:

    Looks like a nice visit!

    • Indeed, short but nice. I was actually informed that there are possibilities for positions (not permanent, though) at Bath University since they are expanding like hell. But how could I leave my good friends in Japan as long as I have a job here 😉

  2. Repu says:

    The all world needs you,,,,,
    however, the Ishikawa needs you the most!

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