Kobo Glo firmware 2.10.0 – first impressions

Kobo LogoOn the mobileread forum the link to the new firmware 2.10 for the Kobo Glo was just posted. I tried it out immediately.

Normal operation

The new items I found after upgrading from 2.8.1:

  • Pocket integration (might have been there before already) After login into my Pocket account I can see the saved articles there. Might come in handy, don’t know by now.
  • Cross-reference in dictionaries it is now possible possible to jump between dictionaries by long pressing
  • Automatic sync syncs can be set up to be done automatic once a day

There are probably many more changes, see here for example, but they didn’t interest me too much.


Of course I immediately checked whether the updates from the kobohack-j project still work, and by now I have no problems using the latest release kobohack-j-130913.zip. I will report if I find more problems. For more details how to install kobohack-j see this post and this post.

Kobo Patcher

Unfortunately for now the Kobo patcher does not work. I will try to find the proper settings for 2.10 for at least some of the options and will report. For more details concerning the Kobo Patcher see this post.

ssh on the Kobo

One of the important things is begin able to ssh into my device. And even after the upgrade of the firmware my setup was still running. See here for a way to setup ssh on the Kobo.

More information coming sooner or later, depending on my progress!

12 Responses

  1. yochy4671 says:

    Thank you for your report.

    I am also update to 2.10.0 and using my glo. When some problem happened, please report to me.

    Yoshiharu ITO

    • Thanks for your comment. Today I found two problems: One is that the store is now mostly in English, esp. the channels are much less and in English. The other thing is that I had problems switching keyboards when entering credentials to log into pocket. I have to investigate.

  2. tracy says:

    Since my glo updated to 2.10.0 my light dosent work properly, i press light and the icon on screen comes on but no light i have to go into settings then light and then move slider for it to come on and that is every time i want to put light on, i really hate the updates, before updating i had never had a single problem with my glo in the year i had it 🙁

  3. Lynn says:

    Since the glo update to 2.10.0 I now have to manually give the page number when I want to see the books on the other pages.

  4. Glow says:

    I have also problems with the backlicht. When the backlicht is on it wil turn itself off when i just got my kobo glo out of the sleep mode, it also turned it self into sleepmode when i flipped pages.

  5. tracy says:

    Just noticed also, every chapter in all books the font goes really small and i have to go into font settings and i can press anything, margins, justifications etc and font will go back to normal, or if press font size it goes bigger and i have to press back down again to original size, i have to do this every chapter, my glo is useless now its too much hassle to use, total waste of money 🙁

    • Hi Tracy,
      I don’t see this behaviour with any of the about 50 books I have on my Kobo, neither in English, nor Japanese, nor German. Could it be that your flashed a wrong version, or patched something wrong in libnickel?

  6. Canadian-Eh says:

    when I opened Kobo Desktop, I had no option but to update new version (3.5)…my Glo was also updated to software version 2.10.0…the one problem I am having (of many) is it installed categories in my library that I had deleted long ago from my Glo…the categories do not contain any books, but I cannot figure out how to delete these categories..anyone know how

  7. Lisa says:

    I have the exact same thing happening to me! I have searched everywhere for a fix but yours it he first comment I have seen on the issue. I emailed kobo today to self they can help…. Time will tell!

  1. 2014/02/12

    […] ・There and back again · Kobo Glo firmware 2.10.0 – first impressions ・Direct Links to Kobo Firmware – Page 38 – MobileRead Forums 上記から、kobo-update-2.10.0.zipというファイルをDLして試しました。DL先が正しい(妥当)なのかはちょっとわかりません。 […]

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